[#31] MIRYO - "Queen" (Feat. Gain)

From: "Queen"
Previous Best of Entries: 2012: [#10] "I Love You I Love You"
Other notable song(s) from 2015: "DREAM"

Miryo's first solo release had really solid tracks that I still listen to—the Sunny duet and "Party Rock" remain my playlist staples. So of course I was excited for this new release which didn't exactly blow me away, but which is still solid and a showcase of Miryo's strength as a performer.

"Queen" as a track (I won't touch the music video, it's a mess) is right next to "MIRYO aka JOHONEY" in terms of musical direction—synthpop with tongue-in-cheek rap lines. But while Miryo's first EP was more refined, with cleaner production and a touch of raw instrumentation, "Queen" kind of pushes the boundaries of the tongue-in-cheek sound. Miryo's rap verses sound slightly whiny (on purpose, I'm going to assume), and the choice of instrumentation is sharper, with more pronounced elements and rougher treatment. But despite all that, "Queen" still keeps a certain style—this song has groove.

So while I prefer Miryo's first EP because it was more polished, "Queen" is a song whose purpose and intent is very clear, thus giving us a better understanding of its execution.


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