[#49] AOA - "Heart Attack"

From: "Heart Attack"
Previous Best of Entries: 2012: [#40] "My Song"
Other notable song(s) from 2014: "Luv Me, "Chocolate"

Another track from this year's girl group summer singles rush, AOA's "Heart Attack" was one of my biggest guilty pleasures. I caught onto the "Like A Cat" craze a bit late (really late actually), and even then it sounded like every other Brave Brothers production. That's not to say that "Heart Attack" is massively different though, because take away the "Brave Sound" at the beginning and any discerning K-Pop fan can tell this is a Brave Brothers production from miles away.

But "Heart Attack" is the Brave Sound formula through and through, so much that it reminds me a lot (A LOT) of Brave Girl's "Nowadays, You"— a Brave Brothers production from 2012. It's the same synths, the same electric guitar, the same vocal treatment. But before we cry plagiarism, as a listener and a K-Pop fan, listening to "Heart Attack" was actually more nostalgic than anything else. To hear sounds and techniques used years back with a fresh twist is always welcome, and in the first place I thought "Nowadays, You" was one of Brave Brothers' best songs.

So while it's not AOA's best and I think I've said elsewhere that I prefer their band set-up, I listened to "Heart Attack" quite a lot throughout the year. It was one of the girl group summer singles that stood out for me, if only because it appealed to my nostalgic side.


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