[June 5, 2010] MBC Music Core Highlights + Commentary

Oh yes, another recap! Hopefully I complete this weekend's music shows.

I'm a bit surprised by the absence of SISTAR - hmmmm. ANYWAY. The sound today was pretty decent, so you won't read that many complaints about the engineer and whatnot. It's not up to par with the MuBank sound, but it's better than the previous weeks. Yayyy.

YT credit goes to CrazyCarrot250 - amazing. WAHAH.

CN Blue - Love
You know, I think I like the other guitarist's voice better now - Younghwa has a nice voice, yeah, but I dunno, I'm leaning more towards the other guy. Hmm. Solid performance, and I wish Younghwa gets his voice back ASAP!

Secret - Magic
Now that's what I call a performance - vocals-wise, at least. I'm serious. Their vocals as a group were very strong, so strong that even the blonde girl sounded rather good today compared to girls from other bands and the other 3 sounded very comfortable. Now that they've got their live vocals fixed and strong (hopefully they sustain it for the rest of promo), the next step is working on their group dynamics and the performance itself, which isn't very hard. Third favorite girl group? If and when they give me good material.

f(x) - NU ABO
I will say one thing about their performance today - THE BACKING TRACK WAS TOO DAMN LOUD. The girls were actually singing, but the only indicator that they were singing live were the murmurs in the background, the breaths, and Luna's lag in tempo on her middle 8. *sigh*

*sigh* MBLAQ, MBLAQ, MBLAQ - Rain isn't the next JYP just yet, and he's proven it with you guys. I acknowledge that their performance today was very tight and that they have a very obvious good group dynamic, but those are of no significance if they don't have the music part mastered and learned. I mean yeah they work nicely together and the routine was tight, but if that's all they can offer us, we might as well mute the sound, take off their mics, and watch them dance - if we just watch them dance, what are they doing on a music show? The reason why Rain hit is because he could not only dance, he was a pretty decent live singer as well. Not the best, but he could pull off a song - MBLAQ can't. Their vocals today were a bit better, but still not up to par with the other bands in their league. *ahem* BEAST *ahem* lol.

4Minute - HUH
That was a good performance. Vocally they weren't at their best, but they sounded decent and really sold the song like it's the best song ever (even if it's not) - good performance.

After School - Bang!
Christmas-themed outfits today, eh? It's official - from this moment on I will be smiling throughout AS performances. The vocals were strong for the most part, and for the second time I got goosebumps on that high note - even if the release was a little sloppy. That and I think I have my favorite voice in After School now, I just need to know her name! Strong performance, very strong. Not as good as yesterday's, but still miles better than their past appearances.

Super Junior - Bonamana
Now that Kyuhyun's gone (temporarily), you see what it does to a band where less than 70% of the members have actual competent vocals - they nearly fell apart today. If this was any other band, the performance would've been an epic fail, but this is Super Junior - they don't do falling apart. The coming back as 10 members thing didn't cripple them that much because they'd lived without Kibum for ages, Kangin wasn't a lead lead singer, and although Han Geng had a decent live voice, they treated him more like a dancer and therefore he got less lines. But Kyuhyun - he most probably has the most accumulated solo lines out of all of them, or he's tied with the rest of KRY - you lose him, you lose a big chunk of the group's vocal ability. Ryeowook, even if I don't really like his voice, was very good today, and so were Heechul and Sungmin and a spattering of Yesung. Donghae not too much - he can't pull off Kyuhyun's line. The performing part was standard SuJu, but you guys know I lean more towards the vocals on these recaps. Oh well - better luck tomorrow.

SS501 - Love Ya + Let Me Be The One
Do these guys warm-up before the performance or what? 'Coz they always manage to screw up the first song they do, and pull off the second one. Yesterday Let Me Be The One was brilliant and although today's performance of Love Ya was still crap, it was a teensy bit better than yesterday's. I have a word for the performance - it was sad, it really was. I'm sorry, but you call Jungmin and Yong Seng the band's supposed "best singers"? They sounded pretty bad today - the most decent one out of the 5 was Hyung Joon - Hyun Joong was pathetic, he annoys me. I think the reason why they sound like this is because they're trying to do something they clearly can't. Either they can't sing it, can't dance the routine, can't do both at the same time, or something to that effect - there's something with this entire single/package that they cannot do. I don't know it they can't do it yet or just can't whatsoever. Over the next few weeks hopefully I figure out what it is.

Inki tomorrow. If I watch, I'll be live tweeting for @thekpopnation on Twitter, so follow us if you want live updates! :)


  1. I'm sorry to say but SS501 performance of Love Ya is pathetic. This group has some nice and catchy songs but their performances are always lacking something. It's too amateur for me. They've been out for what? 5 years and it seems like they still can't sing and dance live w/o sounding like newbies.
    I just don't understand why they can't be impressive like SHINee or DBSK while singing fast peace songs, their choreography are not even hard compared to SM artists.

    Sorry if I offended their fans but I needed to let it out since I've never understood how they can be consider as the 2nd best male group after DBSK while their live performances are lacking so much.

  2. Actually, SISTAR performed.
    Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73E6ywewbvI&feature=related

  3. Sistar did perform


    They sound terrible on the Let It Go part.

  4. Sistar did perform


    They sound terrible on the Let It Go part.

  5. Sistar was there. XD


  6. i guess 2NE1 is your faovirte girl group? \:
    well they are ok..
    CL is amazing, and Dara is a goddess

  7. Anonymous - AMEN. :)

    To all the Sistar comments - that was a June 4 performance, on KBS MUSIC BANK, not MBC MUSIC CORE.

    Anonymous - They aren't, my favorite girl group is CSJH.

  8. MY BAD. Sorry - I only looked at the first comment. Will write something up in a while.

  9. Who is your favorite singer in AS? I'm curious. (It's UEE isn't it? Just kidding) I thought you already knew the members from your review of Because of You.

    Here are the members:
    Red: Kahi, Bekah, JungAh
    Green: Jooyeon, Raina, Nana, Lizzy

    1st Verse: Kahi, Raina, Nana/Lizzy, JungAh
    2nd Verse: Jooyeon, Kahi, Nana/Lizzy, JungAh
    Rap: Bekah
    Middle 8: Kahi, Raina

    Random but: Jooyeon finally didn't fudge up her line today. She didn't fall off key or sound too quiet. Now to work on loudness.


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