[May 26, 2012] MBC Music Core Highlights + Commentary

I don't know what it is with Saturdays, but up until just now, I wasn't planning on writing a recap. But then I realized that if I didn't write one, I'd just bum around the house, complaining about how bored I am and how my laptop is overheating because it's so hot. So, here I am. Debut week continues for JJ Project and VIXX, as well as comeback week for G.NA. Quite a few absences today from She'z, A Pink and F.Cuz, but Girls' Day are on again.

Video credit goes to shu35151229.

VIXX - "Super Hero"
So I listened to their EP after yesterday's show, and material-wise, I'm actually starting to like these guys! It's very Infinite-esque without being a complete rip-off -- classy in the low-budget kind of way, but classy nevertheless. Their vocals are okay for a rookie group, nothing special, (and what the hell was that rap part and why was the guy's voice cracking left and right?) but if they can work on that and at the same time sustain their good material, that would be great. I'm keeping my eye on them for now.

JJ Project - "Bounce"
One of the best parts of my "job" is when I get to watch, and talk about, groups like JJ Project. Seriously, they're probably the only rookie group since I got into K-Pop, that has managed to make me smile within five seconds of stepping on stage. Their stage presence is really, really strong, and even if it's what the song requires, they genuinely look like they're enjoying themselves, and that turns into fluidity and sophistication. Today's performance was a lot shakier than yesterday's, but their foundations were still firm, which is what's important at this stage. JB looked really distracted during his solo parts, which I find strange. He has to fix that by tomorrow, because the more he does it, the more it will stick.

Hello Venus - "Venus"
This is the point where their performances start to bore me, not necessarily because of the group themselves because when I actually watched the performance they were pretty much all spot-on, but because the song itself was never really that good. It was okay, and considering the circumstances it was released in I had no qualms about it, but once all that wears off and you're left with just the song, and girls who aren't the world's best performers -- it gets boring.

I'm still really bothered by the fact that K is still so robotic when they perform. Like, fine, put it down to nerves when they first debuted, but it's been over a month already, the nerves should have settled long ago. Seriously, I stand by my statement that whether or not they really do enjoy the stage, they sure don't show it.

Dalmatian - "E.R."
Aaaand the whispering is back. Things were looking up for you, Dalmatian, why did you have to go in and ruin it? Today's performance was right in between "okay" and "painful", so one more performance like this and you guys are off my "to watch" list.

Girls' Day - "Oh! My God"
The best compliment I can give Girls' Day at this point is that I prepared a barf bag specially for their performance today, because seriously -- the combination of the girls and the song, and basically everything about this song, makes me want to puke.

G.NA - "Summer Star" + "2Hot"
"Summer Star" and "2Hot" are complete disasters, again. No surprise there, seeing as this entire promo cycle is a joke.

Infinite - "The Chaser"
Their performances just keep getting stronger and stronger every time. Stage presence, check, stable vocals, check, fluid movement, check, and group dynamic, check. It's such a joy to watch performances like this, because instead of complaining about every single detail I can just sit back and genuinely enjoy them.

SISTAR - "Alone"
A few seconds in, the YT video of this I was watching muted. Was that a sign that this performance was going to be boring anyway so why bother? I mean, I won't deny that I think it's a really good thing that people other than Hyorin are actually stable live singers now, but for a girl group for their stature, and considering everything they've won with this, I expect much, much more from them, and from the song. Such cheap performances, trying to pass for "sophistication".

SNSD (Taeyeon, Tiffany, Seohyun) - "Twinkle"
Did I just hear Seohyun put that much more power into her belting just before the first chorus? Did I? I think I did! Granted, it's not much, but there's a part of me that really wants her to do well. But anyway, today's performance made me realize that I actually have a hard time imagining SNSD as nine, or TaeTiSeo in SNSD, partially because my ears are having such an amazing time hearing three girls who can actually do more than just hold a short melody, even if the song is meh. I don't know if that's good or bad, but for now I say it's okay.


  1. Seohyun did well today which surprised me because she's the one who always lacks in every perfs not that she's not good but I think she's just having a hard time. I'm glad she's doing well now and I hope she does better in other perfs though we know they'll be ending they're activities for Twinkle by the first week of June :(

  2. I watched vixx on m countdown and they did really well there. Their lead vocals are dependable live singers and i like ravi, their rapper because u can tell he's got natural charisma.

    Its unfortunate dalmatian has yet to deliver a solid performance of er. I actually like the change they underwent and was looking forward to seeing them perform live. But so far, their perfs have been disappointing.

    Im waiting for ajax to debut. I like the digital single they released. There r so many rookies this yr... but im not complaining. Fresh blood is good.

  3. SISTAR is too rigid in their routine that it does not seem as enjoyable to them anymore. They might be bored with it as well. This group really shines when they just sing and feel relaxed. I just wish for once they would start to ad-lib a little with their routines. SNSD does it once in a while with their dances and Tiffany ad-libs vocally sometimes. It makes the performance seem fresh. I stopped watching SISTAR's lives after the first 2 weeks despite them being my 3rd favorite group.

    I really pity Dalmatian because I know they have good voices, but their concept is too generic. I know they said that their last promotion concept was too cute, but they looked like they were having so much fun on stage that their performances didn't bore me.


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