[May 18, 2012] KBS Music Bank Highlights + Commentary

Guess who's back! *insert sobbing over Junsu's obvious and predictable absence from music shows* But on the bright side, this week's line-up seems to be a fair mix of good and meh acts+singles, so I'm not complaining! The only problem is, it seems like the KBS sound guy either hates everyone on today, or is just too lazy to do his job, because today's show was a backing track fest! Focus, KBS, focus!

I don't own any of the videos, and I got them from everywhere this week.

Hello Venus - "Venus"

I watched one of their debut performances last week, and just like what happened today, I had a hard time figuring out whether or not they were lip-syncing the performance. However, high notes and ad-libs are always a giveaway, and I've come to the conclusion that KBS turned their backing track too high, but they're singing live during the choruses, and most probably drowned out by the backing track during the chorus. You lied to me -- I thought we'd never have this problem, KBS! Individually the girls are pretty confident, fluid and natural on stage, and considering the new groups we've seen so far this year, they're actually pretty high-up the group dynamics chain. There are still portions where they don't look like a group, and the chorus can be a bit uncomfortable to watch if you don't already like the song, but they're not ridiculously bad. Performane-wise, they're right between meh and okay right now.

B.A.P. - "Power"

"Power" is a very idol performance, and reminds me a lot of late 90's/early 2000's boy band "world domination" singles. This song in particular isn't really my taste, but as performers I'm completely drawn in to these guys. Their average singing today is half their fault, half KBS', but since majority of the song is rapping and semi-screams mixed with growls, it's not that obvious that KBS has totally screwed up the sound today. I'm keeping my eye on you guys.

A Pink - "Hush"

Sometimes, I wonder how Cube can ruin it's acts this well. "Hush" isn't a ridiculously bad song for K-Pop standards, but aside from being average and un-singable, they're a year late in terms of sound! This is the problem when you copy another group who also copied something else -- if you do it right after them, you'll be called a copycat, but if you do it much, much later, you'll be called late. And it's not like this is a big re-arrangement or they're outstanding singers or anything. You were going in the right direction with "MY MY" Cube, but you just had to break that streak! The performance was painful vocally, and so boring.

Dalmatian - "ER"

Wow, okay. I've never seen any Dalmatian performances prior to this, and I haven't heard their new EP yet, but this is pretty bad. Apart from the distracting guy who is literally prettier and thinner than me, when sounds actually come out of their mouths, they come out as whispers. Or wails. Apart from the blondish guy who sings the first line of the middle 8. Apart from that, the vocals are pretty much a disaster. Performance-wise they're okay, but nothing out of the ordinary for a band of their stature.

Girls' Day - "Oh! My God"

Whenever I hear this song I suddenly have the urge to strangle something, or someone. Preferably whoever thought it was a good idea to let humans hear something like this. But even after all the pain, they're a bunch of girls in their late teens/early twenties prancing around, sounding like my 4 month-old nephew. Cute, but ridiculously inappropriate, so much so that it just gets annoying. I'm kind of proud to say that I've never wanted to try and like Girls' Day.

Infinite - "Only Tear" + "The Chaser"

"Only Tear" was okay, a few slips here and there, but I most definitely prefer these guys doing an all-out idol singing and dancing extravaganza. I mean okay, some of them can sing, but the rest are very, very unstable live, what more doing a ballad. Boring around the edges, and not something I particularly enjoyed. "The Chaser" is a completely different story though. I love their outfits, because on other groups they would actually look really cheap, what with the red, yellow and black combination, but they carry it well, just like they carry the performance and literally hold the audience in their hands now. I mean listen to the screams in relation to the noisy instrumental -- they don't stop. They've gotten very comfortable with their music, something a lot of groups never get the chance to do, and it shows in their vocals. Sunggyu and Woohyun sound amazing (yes, I've learned their faces already!), and everyone else is comfortably stable. Best performance of the show.

SISTAR - "Alone"

I know those huge slits on their dresses are the main points of the choreography and whatever, but they also contribute to the reason why everything about this performance looks so cheap. Their vocals are gotten surprisingly stable, which is probably the only good thing with this performance. Otherwise, I'm not sold. At all.

4Minute - "Volume Up"

So I see Hyun A still hasn't learned how to sing. Other than that, their performances of this are beginning to bore me, which means that one, promo is almost over, and two, this song is getting stale. Not that it was that amazing a song to begin with (better than "Alone" though), but you get my point.


Before they came on stage, I completely forgot what "DORADORA" sounded like -- it's so bad, it's not even memorable in the annoying way. This entire song lacks kick, and while U-Kiss are pretty competent performers and they do have stable vocals in the band, as shown by today's performance, it's just not enough to save a song as flat as this.

SNSD (Taeyeon, Tiffany, Seohyun) - "Twinkle"(WINNER)

I have come to the conclusion that that's really all Seohyun can push, which is a pity. She has a voice, a really pretty one for K-Pop standards, but it's just not cut out for this song. The technique is all there, complete with vibratos and sliding notes, but her voice just really doesn't have enough power for these songs. However, I'm glad Tiffany no longer sounds like a three year-old, and that Taeyeon hasn't regressed.


  1. I was impressed with Hello Venus last week but after seeing their performance yesterday and today I was totally "WTF HAPPENED?". I agree with Doradora! I have the song on my ipod and have played it so many times but it bores me so I skip it most of the time.

  2. You should totally check Dalamtian's Mini. They are great songs! I even spent my money on it, which rarely happens for kpop albums.

    I admit today's performance is lacking but they have the talent to be a great band.

  3. iawyt Dalmatian's current round of promotions aren't great and this song was just not written to be strong on stage ): But do check out their previous songs, loved them.


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