[May 27, 2012] SBS Inkigayo Highlights + Commentary

I've made it out alive! Another week of complete music core recaps -- congratulate me! :D I quite like the current line-up, it has the right mix of good, bad, and in-betweens, and a lot of them to boot! We wrap up a complete comeback week for G.NA and B1A4, as well as debut week for VIXX and JJ Project. All our regulars are also in attendance -- TaeTiSeo, EXO-K, SISTAR and Infinite, among others.

*Recaps for VIXX and Dalmatian will follow in the next few hours.

Video credit goes to shu35151229 and Thanh Nam.

VIXX - "Super Hero"
To follow...

JJ Project - "Bounce"
See -- a little enthusiasm goes a very, very long way. Though their Music Bank performance was still the most technically strong of all their debut stages, I still think that this is easily one of the best debuts I've seen since I got into K-Pop, simply because these two were made to be on stage. Breathlessness will always chase them, but apart from a few parts here and there, they're handling it very well -- and even rapping in mid-air! They carry the song extremely well, they move with both grace and firmness, and they show exactly how much they enjoy being on stage, and prove how much they deserve it. They have, single-handedly, reminded me of why I went into K-Pop in the first place.

Hello Venus - "Venus"
Another consistent performance today, and apart from the overpowering backing track which SBS is legendary for (in the bad way, obviously), everything else was in-check. Boring around the edges, but consistent, at least.

Before they started singing the verses, I was ready to say that maybe their way of showing their so-called "passion" was too concentrated on their facial expressions, so much so that it no longer looks effortless. But then when the first guy started singing, I stopped trying to make excuses for them. How many weeks have these guys been promoting? Why do they still look so uninterested and confused? Again, I make exceptions for debut stages because from experience, going from rehearsal rooms to broadcast stations with dozens of cameras in every possible direction is confusing, but after debut week they should be over all this confusion. I really don't get it, because everyone says that "oh they have so much passion, oh they're such good performers", but I don't see it, because they sure don't move like it.

B.A.P. - "Power"
I don't know if I just wasn't paying enough attention yesterday, but today's performance sounds a bit flat. Their presence is still there, but during their last few performances, their delivery of the song alone made me want to watch the rest of their performance -- that didn't happen today.

B1A4 - "Baby Good Night"
Not only is the chorus extremely anticlimactic, it's also ridiculously cheesy and weak, which is why even the so-so verses can't make up for it. What makes it even worse is that they sound horrible live, because they can neither sing the melody or the harmony properly. Another example of okay performers and so-so singers being ruined by bad A&R. I don't know about you, but it definitely won't be a good night if I heard this song before I slept.

Dalmatian - "E.R."
The sub-par SBS sound is of absolutely no help to Dalmatian's case. The belting at the chorus was stronger than I thought it would be, which is good, but apart from that the rest of the song is like a jumble of whispers to me, not singing. Their presence is okay, but nothing special, and they, as a whole, are very generic.

A Pink - "Hush"
Pretty strong vocals, considering that it's A Pink, but I'm afraid even that isn't enough to make me like the song even a bit. (A)Cube just keeps screwing up this year, and I'm beginning to lose my patience for them.

G.NA - "Summer Star" + "2Hot"
It pains me to think that while comeback week for G.NA is finally over, we still have a good three or four weeks of her degradation to watch. I don't know if I can take that much. She's starting to get the hang of the ballad (ever to slightly -- it's only painful 80% of the time now compared to the 100% last Friday), but that's a very minuscule improvement compared to what could have been. In case Cube hasn't gotten the picture yet, I meant that they should've given her a better song, because this really is a joke. Please tell me I'm dreaming.

Infinite - "The Chaser"
And this, my friends, is how you do class on a mid-line budget. Get a distinct song, use the best production you can, and deliver it well with style and fluidity. This is proof that you don't need to be high-budget to be classy, because at the end of the day, majority of the sophistication comes from the performers themselves. And Infinite has class.

SISTAR - "Alone"
Let this be a lesson to girl groups everywhere -- please, if you're going to be cheap, you might as well go all the way. Don't try to hide it behind a flimsy "sophisticated" facade, because you'll end up like SISTAR. They may have a few talented members here and there, but that all went down the drain when their cheap material and stage mannerisms ruined it.

SNSD (Taeyeon, Tiffany, Seohyun) - "Twinkle"(WINNER)
Seohyun just needs to work on her release. She's like an un-iced cake right now -- she has all the technique and she's pretty much good to go, but she could be a lot better. And, icing also allows the cake to adapt to whatever occasion it's for -- Seohyun doesn't have conviction in her flexibility as a singer like Taeyeon does. Otherwise, another strong performance


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