[June 2, 2012] MBC Music Core Highlights + Commentary

Aside from the line-up being ridiculously packed, today's recap is extra, extra special because McRoth of McRoth's Residence and I plan to take over the world with it! Just joking. Partially. If you're sick and tired of only me doing the babbling during my music show recaps, then you're in for a treat, because yes, McRoth is joining us tonight! What's the occasion? Nothing, actually. But since when did I ever need an occasion to pull in blogger friends of mine?

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Nikki: After we're done I think you'll have enough time to go take a nap LOL.
McRoth: lmao. I’m wide awake. Might eat breakfast.
Nikki: ^_^ And I slept for half the afternoon so I'm wide awake.
McRoth: this is gonna be a loooooooooooooong post :o
Nikki: T_T
McRoth: Readers' scroll bars will be in pain by the end of this.
Nikki: I wonder if it's longer than the one I did with Mel.
McRoth: what did you write about with her? I forgot.
Nikki: ...DBSK.
McRoth: OH.
Nikki: We fangirled over a few songs.
McRoth: No way is this longer. Anything DBSK will always trump everything else.
Nikki: The one I did with Ree was pretty short.
McRoth: It was, that's why I was able to read most of it lol.
Nikki: the one I did with Mel was just a block of text.
McRoth: o.o I think I remember that

None of the videos are ours, credit as tagged. Let the world domination begin!

A-Jax - "One 4 U"
Nikki: ME TOO.
McRoth: I don't know names, btw.
Nikki: Me neither.
McRoth: lol
Nikki: Anyway. Mmkay.
McRoth: glad to see we're in the same boat
Nikki: I'm getting serious EXO vibes from them. And I don't like it.
McRoth: I'm getting EXO vibes, visually, but generic everything else
Nikki: Yeah, they sound like SS501 rejects.
McRoth: that ballad was a snooze-fest. I can't even remember it, and I just listened to it
Nikki: Me neither. I don't know how to feel about "One 4 U", honestly
McRoth: I like that it's extremely thematic, like the orchestration is big, but everything else is so not amazing.
Nikki: It reminds me of a worse "Love Ya". And they're lip-synching.
McRoth: Ew
McRoth: I love them ._. But we'll get to them soon.
Nikki: I do too. But back to A-Jax.
McRoth: lol
Nikki: Performance-wise they're pretty generic too.
McRoth: Okay, about the orchestration, I take that back. This song is incredibly repetitive
Nikki: As expected.
McRoth: that I'm taking something back? are we bringing up my Junsu fail from 2011?
Nikki: No no. That the song is repetitive LOL
McRoth: lol. GOOD
Nikki: But even if they're lip-synching, they don't make me want to watch them -- and that's the problem.
McRoth: I'm kinda not even watching lol, I'm watching the backup dancers
Nikki: LOL!
McRoth: or is that the group??
Nikki: The backup dancers are in black?
McRoth: This song felt like one giant pre-chorus.
Nikki: DSP has truly lost it's touch.
McRoth: And its heart. There was no soul in that -- at all
Nikki: Yeah, even "Tri-Angle" had emotion
McRoth: lmao
Nikki: It's true!
McRoth: It did, this had no feels
Nikki: Can you not feel the emotion from Changmin's spiky hair?
McRoth: I can almost feel him poking me
Nikki: At least it's over. Phew.
McRoth: yeah.

She'z - "I Feel Like It"
Nikki: I like the idea of She'z
McRoth: NEVER HEARD THESE BROADS, so this is my first.
Nikki: But they're so cheap, it hurts.
McRoth: I like their voices
Nikki: Although they kind of drag their notes too much, so it ends up sounding sloppy. I blame that on a lack of training.
McRoth: one of them looks like Park Bom, as in she looks like her face will slide right off any second now/
Nikki: LOL! They remind me of Black Pearl.
McRoth: oooh, BP!
Nikki: Which is kind of an insult because Black Pearl is irrelevant T_T
McRoth: what happened to them!? T_T
Nikki: I have no idea. They're lip-synching today though
McRoth: She'z is good, with some training they'll be good.
Nikki: And better material please.
McRoth: I can't tell if they're live or not :o
Nikki: D:
McRoth: blame it on the fact that I haven't listened to their song yet :x That wasn't terrible, but the song isn't amazing
Nikki: The vocals saved it. They need better material, and better outfits.
McRoth: definitely. they have a strong set of vocals. Haha yeah, I wasn't digging the Candyman outfits. Candy CANES, more like it.
Nikki: T_T And the choreography was... questionable
McRoth: I thought they were just making random formations. So… what choreo? lol
Nikki: Touché.

JJ Project - "Bounce"
Nikki: I'm ready to fangirl. I have it loaded already :D
McRoth: oh haha ok.
Nikki: See? JJ Project loves me.
McRoth: lmao
Nikki: so I love them back ^_^ Play!
Nikki: They are SO fun, without compromising their vocals.
McRoth: I love their energy.
Nikki: I've sang and jumped at the same time before. It's not easy.
McRoth: It saves this song, because honestly, Bounce isn't exactly amazing. composition wise, it's verging on bi polar.
Nikki: LOL! Yes. They carry it so well. And it takes a lot to carry something as whacked out as this.
McRoth: I think the song is no bueno, but I agree that they sell it like effing hot cakes. Totally.
Nikki: And they've always sang live. Unlike SOME people. *ahem*EXO*AHEM*
McRoth: Haha AND ALL THE ROOKIES WE JUST WATCHED. What I love about this is that the material is age appropriate, youthful, and plain ole fun to listen to.
Nikki: It is!
McRoth: The energy transcends the shittiness of the song :x
Nikki: It's just the right amount of repetitiveness that it's not annoying. At least, I'm not annoyed.
McRoth: I'm not either, which says a lot. this is kpop after all. Aw, it's over. I want to see “Hooked” live so bad.
Nikki: I do too! It's a different kind of fun.
Nikki: I'd like to see how they pull off "Before This Song Ends" though
McRoth: ooh, me too
Nikki: Because the recording is all over the place, but with their presence it can possibly be really good.
McRoth: Yeah. Considering it's JYP though, they may not be getting proper vocal lessons. Just listen to Miss A. they sound terrible
Nikki: They do they get all these gorgeous arrangements, like the SBS Gayo one, but their vocals can't carry it live.
McRoth: They don’t know how to sing them. :o
Nikki: Oh JYP.

Hello Venus - "Venus"
Nikki: Hello Venus have gotten boring. I realize that maybe I only liked them because they were new.
McRoth: I like Hello Venus, but this song has gotten stale.
Nikki: Yeah and I hate that the choruses are practically lip-synched because of the backing track.
McRoth: Yeah I hear that too. And by hear that, I mean I don't hear them at all, so yeah.
McRoth: I think if they were singing this live adding ad libs and stuff, it would spice it up
Nikki: Definitely.
Nikki: I like that Lime can sing though -- she's not the useless rapper type.
McRoth: I like Lime too.
Nikki: But they've gotten comfortable on stage, which is always a good thing.
McRoth: I think they showed edginess in their mini, but I don't see it here at all.
Nikki: Yes! I genuinely enjoyed their EP
McRoth: I hope we get to hear a bit more edge and sass later down the road, because they have what it takes to transition smoothly to it.
Nikki: But Pledis almost always screws their A&R up.
McRoth: lol. Oh lPedis. I'm frightened to see what they do with AS this year.

Nikki: I still don't like EXO-K.
McRoth: I like them, I just don't like them on this song, or their live vocals.
Nikki: They're not the world's most amazing singers to start with, and to top it all off they move with no grace.
McRoth: DO is inconsistent, as is the rest of them. They still lack fluidity.
Nikki: I don't expect them to do body waves or anything, but like, you're human, aren't you?
McRoth: They're thinking too much about how they look.
Nikki: That's exactly why I can't stand Joon, but even he has some fluidity.
McRoth: LMAO
Nikki: If I may say so
McRoth: I don't know why they lip sync 3/4 of the song and the 1/4 they do sing live is that weird screamo bit.
Nikki: LOL
McRoth: They're not confident singers, and that worries me.
Nikki: The problem I have with EXO is that SM set the bar too high for them.
McRoth: Exactly.
Nikki: If it had been lower, they'd be average. But they're supposed to be the "biggest thing since anything", when they can't even carry themselves on stage
McRoth: It feels like they know that, too, so they're kind of scared of themselves. I have faith in them though, because there's talent in there. they just need to know how to execute it properly.
Nikki: I... don't.
McRoth: ;_;
Nikki: Until they give me a promo cycle that's worthy of all the hype.
McRoth: Yeah, true. I think M's sheer superiority proves that somewhere at SM someone is teaching them the right ways of doing things. K needs some of that.
Nikki: Yes! I actually enjoyed M's performances more, because they were confident without being arrogant.
McRoth: They're my fave of the two. :o

My Name - "Hello & Goodbye"
Nikki: Sad Song?
McRoth: Apparently.
Nikki: That's what Seohyun said LOL.
McRoth: LMAO. D:
Nikki: It's an okay song. That guy looks strange. MJ strange. O.O
McRoth: Nothing amazing about this so far. LMAO. PEDO ON THE LOOSE. HIDE YO OPPARS HIDE YO NOONARS.
Nikki: HAHAH. How many of them are there?
McRoth: I don’t know, like 10 thousand. so many people on stage.
Nikki: 4?
McRoth: five?
Nikki: five.
McRoth: three?
Nikki: Dance Break?
McRoth: they copied Suju's dance break for “Mr. Simple” LOL.
Nikki: I haven't seen a dance break on a music show in ages, but LOL.
McRoth: OMG I JUST SAW MJ! Itotally see what you're talking about
Nikki: I TOLD YOU. Seriously. IT'S THE NOSE
McRoth: This song is nothing special at all.
Nikki: It's generic.
McRoth: Rather boring, in my opinion.
Nikki: And their stage presence is meh.
McRoth: That dude needs to open his vocal chords. MJ, I mean.
Nikki: From now on I'm calling him MJ.
McRoth: Me too lmao. That nose is hella pedo MJ.
Nikki: Most interesting part of the performance...
McRoth: ... was his nose. I agree.
Nikki: So creepy.

M.I.B. - "Only Hard For Me"
Nikki: Is he singing?
McRoth: I think so? Yes, yes he is.
Nikki: Okay now he is. It’s an interesting voice -- stable.
McRoth: It's an interesting voice.
Nikki: His timbre sounds kind of Japanese.
McRoth: I hear it too.
Nikki: Right? Like Arashi or something.
McRoth: Definitely. Slightly whiny, slightly nasally. I’m not feeling the rap sections. EW.
Nikki: Me neither.
McRoth: That rapper in black is awful on the ears.
Nikki: Thiis song is painful.
McRoth: The only saving grace is that dude's voice.
Nikki: Yeah.
McRoth: This is getting uglier.
Nikki: Where did these guys come from?
McRoth: iI's falling apart. I don’t know, the streets of Korea.
Nikki: LOL
McRoth: That was not pleasant. It fell apart half way through and never recovered
Nikki: My ears, I don't know where they went.

B1A4 - "Baby Good Night"
Nikki: I caught on to "Baby I'm Sorry" pretty late, but I hate this new song. Where's the singing?
McRoth: I didn't like “Baby I'm Sorry”, but I dislike it LESS than this new song.
Nikki: I hate the chorus -- it's cheap and annoying.
McRoth: The entire thing is mediocre, at best.
Nikki: What makes it worse is that it's trying to be subtle, so it gets even more annoying.
McRoth: They should have left out Baro's rap.
Nikki: Whoever he is, I agree.
McRoth: it's already an unstable song, why make it even more so by adding rough rap?
McRoth: Some of them aren't even singing.
Nikki: Exactly!
McRoth: As in they're not moving their lips -- AT ALL. This song is terrible.
Nikki: I actually liked them when they debuted -- they were fun.
McRoth: It's like eating a sour strawberry
Nikki: But after "Beautiful Target" which was painful on all levels...
8:26 PM
McRoth: I don’t know, B1A4 aren't really cutting it anymore. They need to take a good year off and think about their wrong doings.
Nikki: LOL! We need to sit them down and knock some sense into them.
McRoth: Or knock them across the head, literally. :x
Nikki: I nominate myself for that. I need to release some anger.
McRoth: The floor is all yours then haha.

Dalmatian - "E.R."
Nikki: I see potential in the song, but they have to start singing!
McRoth: I'm not even going to lie, I love this song. BUT it's not exactly the best on stage. it doesn't translate well, especially since it's so falsetto at the chorus.
Nikki: Yeah.
McRoth: They do need to sing louder.
Nikki: Falsettos are only good in small doses, if they aren't sang amazingly well.
McRoth: The chorus is good, though. This song sounds good on recording. Live, not so much.
Nikki: I haven't heard their album yet.
McRoth: O_O They sound really good.
Nikki: I should listen to it after this.
McRoth: Which is sad, because they're not showing that in these lives stages. Anyway. Yes. I'm still not convinced with them as as live performers. But it was better than last week.
McRoth: So, overall, I think this stage was one of their better lives. But it's still very lacking.
McRoth: Yeah, I agree. The fact that they're jumping like crazy monkeys doesn't help.

A Pink - "Hush"
McRoth: I don't like them anymore, they've been fucked over so badly.
Nikki: I loved “My My”.
Nikki: But this is just...
McRoth: This is disgraceful.
Nikki: Cube is such a disappointment this year, I don't even know where to start.
Nikki: But it better end with A Pink, because BEAST cannot be screwed up.
McRoth: 4minute, A Pink, and BtoB. How many times can one company fuck over their artists?!?!
Nikki: Ugh Cube, so much potential.
McRoth: A Pink have completely lost their charm with this song.
Nikki: Such crap material
McRoth: They had something really unique going last year, and that all has been sent through the kpop shredder.
Nikki: I know! “My My” was brilliant, and catchy, and so them. Now they're bad at being plain.
McRoth: This is an insult to their artistic identity and to my ears.
Nikki: ...they had one?
McRoth: They were old-school, synth-pop. :o
Nikki: Oh. That identity. Okay, fair enough.
McRoth: Now they're generic nobodies.
Nikki: Like everyone else.
McRoth: this is like watered down coca cola. WATERED DOWWWWN
Nikki: blegh
McRoth: to the point that it tastes nothing like soda
Nikki: So now you're using food analogies too? ;D
McRoth: OMG I AM aren't I?! Can we just use food analogies from here on out?
McRoth: They do!
Nikki: And everyone can relate to them
McRoth: And they're so easy to understand too lol. Exactly!

G.NA - "2Hot"
McRoth: I still don't know how I feel about this song.
Nikki: I have the urge to throw things across my room whenever I hear it.
McRoth: It's better than "Top Girl", but it still sucks. "Top Girl" was atrocious, this ... is less so.
Nikki: They both suck.
McRoth: This one is just boring.
Nikki: It pains me so much, that I don't even want to know which one sucks more.
McRoth: lmao
McRoth: ME TOO. She has the potential, but Cube continues to screw her over with crap music. I'm losing faith in her. Which is sad.
Nikki: I've lost faith in Cube. Tt's not her fault -- I just keep telling myself that.
McRoth: I think Cube has the means and brain to do great things, but that hasn't shown this year.
Nikki: Honestly I think they only have the means to do one good release a year. Last year it was BEAST, and this year it’ll be BEAST too. IT BETTER BE.
McRoth: because that's the one group that has seen the most success across the board. OK IM WATCHING THIS MESS NOW.
Nikki: But if they don't give everyone else decent material, they're not going to get anywhere!
McRoth: I agree, they can't be biased like that.
Nikki: I hate how slutty they're making G.NA.
McRoth: I hate the choreography to this.
Nikki: And slutty in a cheap way. I'll admit, there's classy slutty, this this is sad.
McRoth: She looks so uncomfortable.
Nikki: G.NA sounds like a five year-old.
McRoth: A five year old on crack.
Nikki: LOL
McRoth: A bratty five year old.
Nikki: This is why she never wins anything.
McRoth: A five year old who is trying on mom's clothes, and pretending she's a diva.
Nikki: HAHA!
McRoth: The heels don't fit, honey. She won’t win anything. There's no consistency in her work, and her work is really effing terrible.
Nikki: Maybe that's the consistent part?
McRoth: LMAO. That's just depressing.
Nikki: Cube's trying to cut corners, so consistency is now in how horrible their material is.
McRoth: I guess they're going back to battling out with CCM to see who can bust out the worst material.
Nikki: Don't even get me started on CCM. Although “Cry Cry” was pretty good last year.
McRoth: Both companies are failing so hard this year. It was decent on T-ara standards.
Nikki: But that's it. PHEW. It’s over.
McRoth: YES

Teen Top - "Baby U" + "To You"
Nikki: I'm still really neutral towards Teen Top. Sometimes I hate them because Niel's voice annoys me.
McRoth: Me too.
Nikki: But I liked this song.
McRoth: Niel's voice is ... an acquired taste
Nikki: LOL! He looks like someone I know too, which freaks me out majority of the time.
McRoth: hahaha
Nikki: But yeah, their vocals on this one were pretty strong.
McRoth: I love me some ricky, I just wish he had an actual voice worth listening to :x They don't sound bad.
Nikki: I don't even know who Ricky is. And seeing that I like the song to start with, this wasn't half bad!
McRoth: He's the one with the glasses!
McRoth: I think they're starting to grow as unit -- chemistry is growing.
Nikki: It better! They've been around for a few years now. And Infinite has slayed them.
McRoth: What I really love about TT though, is how strong of dancers they are. They give it 100% :o
Nikki: I hate how it reminds me so much of "Alone", because I hate "Alone".
McRoth: It IS “Alone”, basically
Nikki: Oh Brave Sound.
McRoth: But that's Brave Bros. for you
Nikki: One minute I love you for making "Because Of You", the next I hate you for everything else.
McRoth: Recycling material is his hobby
Nikki: It's his livelihood. Sad, really. Their vocals are surprisingly strong though.
McRoth: This isn't that strong for me, but they don't sound bad. They're moving so much. O_O
Nikki: It's not as painful as I was expecting it to be.
McRoth: How do they have the air to sing? All this sexual frustration won't fair well with noonas.
Nikki: LOL
McRoth: They sound good, but they're starting to get outta breath. Which always happens with them since their choreo is crazy as hell.
Nikki: At least it's not has bad as Miss A though, who are out of breath from the beginning.
McRoth: Oh, don't get me started on them lol
Nikki: Hahah!
McRoth: This wasn't bad at all
Nikki: I'm pleasantly surprised!
McRoth: Me too. I've always liked Teen Top. They just need to diversify their material and stop letting Niel take all the lines.
Nikki: ...I was on team Infinite.
McRoth: I’m still on team infinite lol.

Infinite - "The Chaser"
Nikki: On a musical level, I stan Infinite. They have identity.
McRoth: I stan them on all levels.
Nikki: They bore me to death on variety. D: But yeah. THIS is how to move with sophistication.
McRoth: I never watch variety programs, so I can't say much about them there. They know how to perform, and how to perform well
Nikki: That's my basis for stanning after music. They do! So classy, this entire package.
McRoth: Definitely, I also like that their songs are NEVER OUT OF THEIR RANGE, meaning they can sing it all.
Nikki: YES!
McRoth: Perfectly.
Nikki: Unlike idols who sing other people's songs better than their own. I'm looking at you, SNSD.
McRoth: I know, right. They're incredibly consistent, and that's respectable. They're also incredibly good looking. :x
Nikki: Oh McRoth :D
McRoth: Whaaat, all of this bare chest action is teasing the hell out of me T_T And those arms. *fans self*
Nikki: Trying goes a long way. That's why I like them and BEAST -- because majority of them are average, but they make up for it with good material and conviction.
McRoth: Definitely!! I can't wait for BEAST T_T I need them back in my life.

SNSD (Taeyeon, Tiffany, Seohyun) - "Twinkle" + "OMG"
McRoth: Alright. Sooyoung is in this one, apparently.
Nikki: Yup, she dances at the beginning.
McRoth: I'm watching that now. She's so skinny.
Nikki: I know! I can see her bones, it's scary.
McRoth: I can't see her at all in that black dress lol. I just see a head bobbing around
Nikki: LOL. Taeyeon sounds glorious.
McRoth: Alright, Taeyeon is clearly in her element. This is the kind of music that works for her, imo.
Nikki: It is! Tiffany sounds less like a 3 year-old, but she could've done a lot better.
Nikki: I don't like her on this song. She's technically on-point but she only gets the intensity for like one second then BAM it's gone.
McRoth: >:[ I have to agree, this genre isn't for her. at all, actually.
Nikki: And when she's beside someone like Taeyeon.
McRoth: She wasn't a good fit for this unit, especially with this song.
Nikki: Ree was saying that Seohyun has the personality of a potato chip -- and I agree.
Nikki: ^_^ She has a gorgeous voice though.
McRoth: She sounds amazing, even if this song sucks.
Nikki: It's just not for these kinds of songs.
McRoth: This song was good for about a day, then I got over it.
Nikki: I never liked it, so anticlimactic.
McRoth: YES. It leads nowhere. I’m a big 'direction' guy, and this has one, but it leads no where.
Nikki: And SM production weighed it down Like, Taeyeon has soul, but the rest of the song has absolutely none.
McRoth: i call these kinds of songs circle songs, in that they drag you around in one big circle rather than leading you to a destination. I agree, Tae Tae is perfect on this song. Tiffers sounds ... Odd.
Nikki: She sounds like a pre-schooler.
McRoth: SEO EMPRESS ... needs to slay the person who added her to this unit, because she's not a good fit.
Nikki: But none of the others are good enough.
McRoth: Maybe Sunny?
Nikki: ....no. Please.
McRoth: LMAO
Nikki: God no.
Nikki: SHE KNOWS HOW I FEEL. If they turned Tiffany into a toddler.
Nikki: They'd turn Sunny into a newborn
McRoth: LMAO

JYP - "You’re the One"
Nikki: The first time I saw this live was during K-Pop Star.
McRoth: :o
Nikki: And he was lip-synching.
McRoth: This is live.
Nikki: Yeah.
McRoth: And he's wearing weird leggings -- it's creeping me out.
Nikki: O.O They're like the ones JJ Project had last week, only more distracting because he's in a suit and he’s old and can’t carry it.
Nikki: I think it's kind of bad that we're talking about the clothes more than his performance.
McRoth: He has a great command of the stage, which comes naturally - OMG THE BACKUP DANCERS ARE WEARING THE SAME THING.
Nikki: THEY ARE.
McRoth: They distracted me lmao.
Nikki: MY EYES.
McRoth: I was about to say ... he's very natural on stage
Nikki: I... don't see it. I'm sorry.
McRoth: He's also very awkward .. this is getting awkward.
Nikki: I never really followed JYP as a performer. Like, I watched all the classics like "Honey” but that’s it.
McRoth: lol his voice cracked at the very end
Nikki: OMG LOL it did. Oh JYP.
McRoth: This wasn't a very memorable performance. I want JJ Project back, please.


McRoth: that was such a terrible way of ending this recap T-T
Nikki: Well technically this isn't the end of the recap, but JYP isn’t that glorious and end either.
McRoth: Oh, haha. I agree.
Nikki: Aaaand we're done!
Nikki: YAY!
McRoth: That was all over the place, but still fun.
Nikki: That's where the fun is. ^_^
McRoth: lmao
Nikki: We should do this more often. WE SHOULD RE-START THE KPOP PANEL. T_T
McRoth: Yesss. Mel, if you're reading this - COME BACK TO US D: The panel does not exist without you. ;_;
Nikki: It doesn't. We need youuuuuuuuu
McRoth: alright, that's a wrap!
Nikki: Whoot!
McRoth: I'm gonna go eat something now, im starving

But wait! There's more! When McRoth and I sat down to do this, we also did a lot of random talking, and it would be a waste to not include some parts of them. I present to you, the outtakes!

Nikki: It better be epic. I bought "Fiction and Fact" without batting an eyelash
McRoth: LMAO ME TOO. I have it right next to SHINee's "Lucifer" album. Yes, I bought it. >.Y
Nikki: I had “Rising Sun” and “Lucifer” bought for me in Korea.
McRoth: D:
Nikki: I keep them in my shrine beside my TSC DVD LOL
McRoth: HA :P It deserves a room to itself. OKAY.


Nikki: It would be painful. I can imagine it already. Sunny needs to sing age-approriate things, like her duet with Miryo.
McRoth: I think they would keep her at the same level of excruciating cuteness, though.
Nikki: But SM doesn't get that.
McRoth: Ohh that song was pretty.
Nikki: IT WAS
McRoth: She sounded so nice on that one.
Nikki: IT WAS GLORIOUS. I loved it.
McRoth: Probably my fave track on that entire mini next to revenger. The rest flew right over my head.
Nikki: Really? I only liked the Sunny song and “Party Rock”. Guilty pleasure D:
McRoth: That one was okay. I did NOT LIKE the lead single
Nikki: Eh. Hated that.


Nikki: No? Links?
McRoth: O_O Let me check.
Nikki: My Name and MIB. That's it! And we’re done. Then I have to do some massive editing.
McRoth: LAMO. LMAO ok. We did not plan this out so well haha.
Nikki: It's okay LOL. I edited horrible gramamr my entire senior year.
McRoth: *grammar lmao
Nikki: Yeah LOL. Sorry.
McRoth: That was less of a typo and more of a scrambled word.
Nikki: T_T
McRoth: :P MIB or MN first?
Nikki: You gave me My Name. That sounded strange.


Nikki: But the line-up this week is really packed compared to some of the others.
McRoth: I noticed. The more we talked, the more of a cluster fuck it became. So many rookies.
Nikki: LOL!
McRoth: @_@
Nikki: And I can't believe that Infinite is second to the last in terms of seniority. Oh wait. Third. We did JYP.
McRoth: lol. That's just odd. They're a 2010 group. HOW ARE THEY SENIORS ALREADY?
Nikki: T_T
McRoth: I feel so old, too, with all of these babies running around.
Nikki: Ugh tel me about it
McRoth: Dalmatian has old members though, one of them is 30 O_O.
Nikki: REALLY? O.O
McRoth: Yeah o_O
Nikki: Gahee's around that age too, right?
McRoth: 31 I think. Inati of Dalmatian was born in 1981 O_O
Nikki: O.O


  1. Despite everything exo k has drawn me in..they intrigue me. But yes, they are inconsistent performers but i think its also has to do with the song, its so vocally demanding and top of that the heavy theme requires a lot of stage presence and i think they are completely overwhelmed, the song carries them instead of them carrying the song. Basically its a song that would never be given to a rookie group. I hate SMP songs to begin with; hated dont don, hated triangle. so i was beyond pissed when i heard mama was their debut song, i feel theres so substance behind the high notes and screamo. anticipating the possible full album from them soon, the song clips sound promising and some of the instrumentals are gorgeous. hopefully better material will help their talent shine through, because as of now D.O possesses one of my favorite voices in kpop. They have so much potential, a little confidence can go a long way.

  2. Wahhhhh.

    I need to take the time to really go through this but I miss you two so much!

    A thousand times yes - let's restart the Panel!

  3. Yeah please restart the Panel again! Always a good read and kept me up to date with Kpop.

  4. I swear I love you chat-reviews. They add so much personality and fun. Not that your own writing doesn't have that because I read those on a regular basis :p

  5. Very detailed interviews. I have read several reviews similar to this one and I must say that, yours was the better one. Good job.


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