Things to come.

I think I've put off writing this way too much - it's time I get serious with my priorities because I don't want to just disappear off the face of the earth without an explanation, I'm not that type of person. So I ask for a moment to explain what's to come.

Initially I wasn't gonna write this post, but May was PRN's busiest month and I gained a lot of loyal readers/comment-ers (commentators? LOL) this month that I think I owe you guys an explanation of what's gonna happen to my life in the next few months that's gonna dictate what I do on PRN and when I do it. Sort of like a synthesis of the first half of my year plus plans for the future.

At the beginning of this year I laid out 10 things I wanted to do for PRN and although some of them got cut short, like me writing for OMGKPOP, I think I did everything I wanted to and a bit more. The one thing I didn't really follow through with though was trying to review more Western pop - I've only had a spattering of reviews since the start of the year compared to the kpop I've been writing about. I try, but UGH.

Moving on.

The end of May isn't actually the end of the first half of the year, but it is for me as it's the end of summer here and the beginning of a new school year I have to crawl through for the next 10 months. This year is a little different from the past years though, which is why I thought of writing this.

I've been saying this for like forever, but in August I take undeniably the biggest test of my life - my future is dependent on how I do on this exam. I'm up against thousands of other high school seniors for a spot in the freshman class of the country's #1 university - this is literally life or death. Add that to the fact that my parents are professors there and me not passing would be shameful. Because of the gravity of this, I've spent weekdays this month in 100 hours of intensive review for it, which has really crippled my blogging time.

But things are just about to get even more manic for me.

My review classes end this Thursday, but I'll only have 4 more free days until I start actual school - I enter senior year on June 8. Though my academic schedule this year will be relatively light compared to the last 3 years, I'll still be reviewing (by myself) for the exam in August - that's on top of my schoolwork, electives and my school's on-the-job-training equivalent.

Right now I'm mainly blogging on Friday nights and weekends - music show recaps, a few reviews and a spattering of "special" posts - I might blog even less once school starts. The music show recaps will continue, and SBS is gonna be aired on cable here so I might even do Inki live tweets in the near future, but I can't guarantee a large amount of reviews, interviews and everything else until after August - by that time the test is over and I would've settled nicely into senior year.

Sometimes I forget that apart from PRN, I'm doing a gazillion other things online. Virgin music and writing, admin-ing and everything else-ing at The Kpop Nation - there are other people expecting things from me on those sites - they'll be my first priorities before PRN and doing those alone will seriously cripple my free time to write for PRN.

Probably the only times I'll be seriously writing, apart from weekends when I do the three music show recaps, is when I think I'm about to go crazy with all the stuff I have to do and need to calm down - in that case, I have to write. If I still think I can take the pressure and the workload, then PRN will remain dormant with the exception of weekends. That and if and when DBSK release a new original single/album, which won't be in the near future.

I always say this but it's true - there is no chance in hell that I'll abandon PRN in the next few years, it means too much to me and it's given me too many opportunities for me to just throw away.

So to my ever-loyal readers (I hope I have a few!) and the new readers I've gained over the span of the last few months, I ask for your consideration and understanding while I sort the rest of my life out - it's been a brilliant first 5 months of 2010 and I've learned so much from all your comments that I hope you keep reading PRN even if posting will be sporadic starting now. Things will get rocky from now on, I won't be posting, moderating comments let alone replying to them and roaming around that much, but I'm sticking by PRN so truly I hope you do too. (whoa that was serious)

I promise to be back in full swing after the exam in August - after all, I have a Philippine Blog Award to win in October!


  1. Firstly - A BIG BIG BIG "Good luck" to you!!! - Not that you'll need it!

    You probably don't want to hear it, or even believe it, but, with your exams e.t.c. - Whatever happens, Everything will be OK, Alright?

    Now, don't you worry about us, everything else is more important, and I understand completely how you're feeling - If you feel you can, and you'd like to write for us - Do. If you don't? Don't worry about it! - We'll be excited either way!

    Hope that you kinda got my message over there - Not sure if I got it out in writing - It's all OK by me :)

  2. Good luck =D See you soon !

  3. Just do what you gotta do! May you get what you really want. I've been there, done that so I get it. :)


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