I tried not writing for the past few days because it's really been impossible, but I can't sleep, I can't concentrate, and I ended up almost fainting in class a while ago - I can't take this, I'm about to burst out crying right now.

I need to take my mind off things, so here are some random stuff that've been on my mind for the past few days - just so I can relax. Sorry if it's crap and unorganized and short, but I just really need to write.

The DBSK issue is making me go crazy. JaeChunSu just finished their stint at Tokyo Dome and they've got a Lotte ad campaign out in full-force (it's for Korea, mind you). Rumor has it (and it's been partially confirmed by an influential Korean singer/songwriter/producer) that the trio will be working with Kanye West and Timbaland for an "international" album. I heard the Lotte song and even if at the beginning of all this I was like "well they're the 3 lead vocalists anyway", the harmonies are so bare - they lack not only the part that floats (CM), but they lack a strong base (YH). I've always stressed the importance of Yunho and Changmin, even if I don't personally like their vocals, because without them harmonies sound empty, weak and ordinary. Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu have some of the best voices in Korea, but DBSK has five members and it's because of all 5 that they're one of the best vocal groups in Asia - no more, no less. I'm excited for the project, I won't deny that, but I have so many fears that I think will come true. I'm scared as hell.

After School's first sub-unit was revealed recently - Orange Caramel. It's got the new girls - Nana, Raina and Lizzy - and I'm worried about them too. Let's face it, Raina may get a lot of solos and she may be better off than some of the other girls in the band, but I don't think she'll be able to carry the band in such a way that the other 2 sound nearly decent. Without JungAh or even Gahee, After School aren't very good singers - well, apart from a bit of Raina here and there.

Another thing I'm really worried about is the fate of D-NA. I saw their teaser the other day, and to say I was outraged would be an understatement. WHY THE EFFIN' CRAP ARE YOU AUTO-TUNING A BAND LIKE THEM? Does their management company want to feel my wrath???? Ughhhh. They don't need auto-tune, they're supposed to be the next DBSK for crap's sake! OK maybe I'm not that sure yet because it's only been a few months since they debuted, but all the signs were there. Emphasis on the were. Of course I could be overreacting - we might suddenly get a non-autotuned song when it actually comes out. Oh well, I'll just wait it out.

*sigh* And back to feeling like crap - it was nice while it lasted.


  1. Alot of people now think the activity of JaeChunSu is for money especially the Timbaland/Kanye West collab and now they are asking for SM to pay up for the past 6 years they have been under them. Can you believe it will be almost 7 years since they debuted? T_T I'm a Hottest Cassie and that...hurts.

    And Orange Caramel...sucks. It's better off in J-Pop. ¬_¬

  2. I completely understand your feelings ><
    Even though my biases are Jaejoong and Junsu and I love their voices the most, it JUST doesnt sound right with just the three of them and now you have also raised fears for me for their international album
    HOWEVER, I have loved their songs, W and itsudatte kimi so I think there's hope. Maybe the Lotte ad was meant to be empty and hollow - it IS an ad after all
    But, i agree 100%, nothing beats when the five are together - magic happens.

    xx Jaejoongluvr
    Always Keep the Faith


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