# 4: Craig David - Insomnia

I've professed my love for Craig David over and over and over and over again here, and I think you guys are getting a bit sick of it but this guy just keeps coming up with amazing music after all the artists who started with him have either broken up, stopped making music or are releasing all this crap.

Craig David has what other R&B artists want, groove. The ability to make people want to get up and dance or tap their toes or 'bang' their heads(for lack of a better term..) even if he's singing a slow song. That's what I want in an R&B artist, because isn't R&b RHYTHM and Blues? You need groove and rhythm, and Craig David's got that.

Insomnia was off his Greatest Hits album this year, and it's brilliance all over again, as if he's not brilliant enough. You've got the trademark Craig David word repetition at the beginning and then once the chorus kicks in, the melody goes from amazing to stunning.

I really admire him as well, because he said during an interview that he doesn't have to change his style just to break the US, if they don't like him the way he is then so be it. That's solid proof that he knows exactly who he is and he's not changing it for anyone. That's what I want to see in all these Disney and record label clones, a sense of identity.


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