# 5: Same Difference - We Are One

It's not very often that I love the singles of an amazing album more than the album tracks but I had a really, really hard time choosing which song from the album to put in.

I remember the first time I heard a part of the song was when Pop Justice put up a snippet. I was amazed and drawn in, the song was AMAZING. It's really is very HSM-y but the difference is that these two don't have the wimpy Disney voices, they can sing and the album isn't really full of Breaking Free wannabes, it's actually very much like a cross between Steps and HSM.

We Are One has very Steps-like verses but the choruses are Disney all the way. It's not a mutant though, the way the two were fused makes it look like it wasn't done on purpose(but do we know if it was or wasn't? haha..) because the flow of the song is just so natural.

I think I read somewhere that it's strange how a brother and sister sing about 'becoming one'. I find it pretty strange as well but hey, it's an amazing song! haha..


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