New Music!

So what's been going on these past few days?
  • I've finally found a physical copy of Liberty X's second album, Being Somebody! haha. I haven't listened to it in all it's glory yet though.
  • Now there's this girl group called Ai that I recently discovered. I got a copy of their album at this huge CD warehouse sale and when I tried googling them, I only got like three pages that made sense. The album's amazing, I might review it sometime this month..
  • Alexandra's new single is out. It's OK, nothing special, mainly because she's bound by X Factor terms but it really shows that she deserved to win, her voice is impeccable.
  • There's a new girl group from the German version of Popstars as well called Queensberry. I must say, that PR stunt to release three versions of one album with three different girls taking their place as the fourth member is genius. Not only will the band sell a massive amount of records, but they'll have three albums on the chart at the same time! Genius, I say. I've heard the lead single as well, it's OK. It's growing on me so give it some time, alright? haha..
  • Lady Sovereign's new track is definitely growing on me. She's different, but she manages lay down these very simple melodies into very common beats. Her voice is still there, and the delivery gives that edge to the song. Her image has changed a whole lot as well, and I'm glad she got rid of that side ponytail, it was horrid to say the least. Image-wise she looks more like a singer now. All in all, I'm liking this new Lady Sovereign! Will be waiting for her album.
  • The Saturdays are reportedly ready to battle Louis Walsh's new girl group, who I've said are amazing, when they release their album next year. I don't know who's side I'm on! The two girl bands are different, you've got The Saturdays with amazing songs and an amazing image then you've got the new girl band who have Louis Walsh behind them, the guy behind Westlife. Garr. Let's just see next year, shall we?
  • I don't know why but I'm suddenly listening to Rascal Flatts' Life Is A Highway. Not sure why, but I love the song! haha.


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