# 23: Brian McFadden - Twisted

Yet another single that I correctly predicted to be the post-album single!

Brian's come a long way since being in Westlife. He was the funny guy in the band, and he was also the guy who married Kerry Katona then divorced her after leaving Westlife. I read over their(Westlife's..) autobiography this afternoon and then listening to this song makes me feel really strange. I have no idea why though.

As a Westlife fan, I'm not angry at him at all for leaving. I know some people who are, but at the end of the day, it's his life and he can do what he wants with it. That and the fact that he's made some phenomenal material on his own, like this song. Melodically I've always loved the songs Brian wrote, even during the Westlife days(he wrote Bop Bop Baby, I love the melody of that!) so it's no surprise that I'd adore his solo stuff.

I think he was confused during his first album. Confused because people were talking about him and how he just left Westlife and because I think he genuinely didn't know what he was doing. A few years later though, he's done much, much better for himself. I mean, Set In Stone is downright brilliant.

I think to a certain extent, this is about either him being miserable in the crazy Westlfe world or him being confused right after he left the band. Just a guess though, I might be wrong.


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