# 36: Alesha Dixon - Breathe Slow

I must admit, I loved her when she was in Mis-Teeq but I hated The Boy Does Nothing when I first heard it so I had absolutely no intentions to listen to the rest of the album, let alone listen to it but when I saw it at the record store, I got curious, mainly because I don't see a lot of UK albums there.

I gave the album a once-over and this was the track that caught my ear, big time. It's a light R&B mid-tempo, even lighter than Cassie's Is It You? but it's got that Brit edge to it, one thing that drew me even more to the song.

Alesha's voice also gives the track that extra bit of quirk that separates it from the other songs in her genre. The other songs have these smooth, super-clean vocals but her voice is a cross between smooth and rough.

The melody is standard for this type of song, and it's just gorgeous. Of course, the song as a whole doesn't have the groove that people like Craig David or Beyonce have, but the melody is just so gorgeous that all is excused.

There are two other tracks on the album that I think are amazing as well, but this has got to be the best.


  1. 100% agreed even though I did like "The Boy Does Nothing."

  2. I agree on the review! This is better than the Boy does nothing!

    anyways, ALEX won! woohoo!


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