My most played songs..

Let's continue our end of year festivities with this year's most played songs!

Everyone's doing it(well, a lot of blogs at the very least) so why don't I do it as well? So I've made my smart playlist including only 100 of my top played songs this year. They didn't necessarily have to had been released this year, but I should have added them into my library and actually played them sometime this year. There are 100 of them, just click the image to enlarge and read it properly..! haha.

Btw, check out Ken's most played list as well. Amazingness!

How to enlarge: Open the picture, then refresh the page that it leads you to. haha!
That was loooong.


  1. nice long list you've got there.
    I'm starting to like some of the artists you've got on your list like Vanessa Amorosi, etc. Looking forward to another year of POP REVIEWS NOW! :)

  2. Haha I know! 2009's gonna be AMAZING!

    No prob! Love your list as well!


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