# 11: David Cook - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

The day David Cook's debut album was released was the day Sony BMG and Simon Cowell murdered David Cook.

Seriously! I know that pop is a formula and all, and I know the American Idol formula is to give the winner all these tasteless ballads and just watch and see if they hit it big. But you see, that formula only really did work for Carrie Underwood.

David Cook was one of Idol's most creative and musical contestants in years and what did they do to him when he won? They murdered his identity, they stripped him of his creativity, the creativity that made him so different. They made him this boring rock-ballad singer with songs that sound the same and just hoped that people wouldn't notice.

Well I noticed.

The Cook that was on American Idol, the amazing singer, performer and the guy who could find all these uncommon arrangements and use them to his advantage was gone and had been replaced by this American Idol clone.

If they're gonna give him a ballad, they better give him a good one with an arrangement to die for along the lines of the stuff he did on Idol, Billie Jean, Always Be My Baby or this song. And they better give him the freedom to make it how he wants it, why was he able to win the whole contest if the music-buying public were the ones deciding? Because the people who go out and buy records liked what he was doing.

Sometimes I think the people at Sony BMG are stupid.

He performed I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For during the finals and I told myself, "If he doesn't win, the people voting must be deaf..".

The song was amazing, he sang it amazingly and at that moment, he seemed untouchable. It was brilliant.

If you don't agree with me on this, then I'm fine with that, but remember, this is MY blog, and I write MY opinions. I respect yours, so respect mine as well.


  1. I agree, and was so dissapointed with the record. I do like "Light On" as well as a few others, but for the most part, it sounds like watered down rock ballads and Daughtry-esque wannabe tracks.

    His versions of "Billie Jean", "Always Be My Baby" and especially "Eleanor Rigby" are way more in rotation than any of his new stuff, with me anyway. :)


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