# 42: Vanessa Amorosi - The Simple Things (Something Emotional)

I had no idea who this girl was until maybe last month, when I saw her album at my local record store. I got curious, since she's Australian and pretty much all the Australian singers I've heard have been amazing. Vanessa Amorosi is no exception.

This song was a strong contender when I was considering my favorite song of the year, but if I was to rank the top five songs of the year, this would most probably be number two.

It's got the second most gorgeous melody(second only to my favorite song of the year..) for any song this year, and the vocals are amazing, she reminds me of an older Michelle Branch.

Let's focus on the vocals for a moment. She has a beautiful voice, but not in the Katharine McPhee/Karina sort of way. Her voice is more rock-y, but it's mind-blowing beautiful.

The song itself as I said earlier, has a melody that almost ties in terms of amazingness with my favorite song of the year. It starts out with an amazing intro and an OK verse, very Michelle Branch-y, but then the chorus just blows me away with an amazing melody and an equally amazing accompaniment.

That's it. I now add Australia to the countries who make amazing pop music. Right next to the UK, Sweden and the Philippines(I know, I know.. but listen to a band called Sugarfree and you'll change your mind.)


  1. OMG that is so funny you wrote this. I live in New York and my friend from Australia sent me Vanessa Amorosi's album I LOVE IT. She is fantastic such an amazing singer. The question is when is she going to release something in USA becouse she will blow everyone away here.



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