# 34: Lemar - The Reason

Putting aside the fact that this samples Chris Brown's Dreamer, this song is just amazing.

I've been meaning to review this song for the longest time, but it always slips my mind or something newer comes along.

If I was to describe this song in one word, I'd use a Filipino one, Masarap(For Filipinos: Parang ang sarap pakinggan nung kanta.. yun). It literally means good, but contextually, I think it's sweet or something in English. In this case I think it would mean that it's a joy to listen to this song.

You listen to this song and you can hear that every aspect of this song was thought about, and every part of this song is amazing.

Melodically it's brilliant. The bridge just makes you want to strangle the guy and the chorus just compliments the song in every possible way.

Seriously, I want to worship this guy, The Reason is a mind-blowing song.


  1. Oh, wow, it literally does sample "Dreamer"! This is what I get for not looking it up immediately when you originally said it was brilliant--I could've been obsessing over this for weeks now!


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