# 14: Corbin Bleu - Fear Of Flying

I actually have no idea where this song will be, but I love it so yay!

I think Corbin Bleu's first album was amazing, there were some amazing songs on it(including an OPM cover, who'd have thought of that?), but if this was on the album, it would've been light years better than all the other tracks.

It's current but it's Disney but it's brilliant. It's got a very recognize-able hook and these strange sounds at the start, which are both cool and strange to listen to. His voice is like a weaker Drew Seeley, I think it's the best way to put it. It's got the nasal thing, but I'm not so sure if his voice is processed or not. I think it is, but it might not be since I haven't heard him sing live yet.

This guy knows how to move with the trends while retaining his identity. His first album was very 2007, and this song is very 2008. He knows who he is so he can easily manipulate that and make songs that'll move with the times.

Brilliant, right? Of course!


  1. Yay! I'm not the only one digging this song! I don't know if it was even released to radio, which is a shame, and I think people put a label on him without listening to the record itself given his connection with HSM. But this soon is just pure fire. I love it!


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