TWELVE last-minute pop-y suggestions to get the Christmas spirit out and about!

Three days 'till Christmas! With my family this is usually the time when we all freak out because we're gonna have family pictures taken the day before Christmas eve(which is tomorrow!) and we're running the dawn watch service at church tomorrow so I gotta be up at 4 in the morning! For you guys however who aren't completely into the season yet even at this late a stage, here are twelve last minute suggestions to get you buying tons of presents and putting your tree up for everyone to see!
(something like the 12 Days of Christmas, although I never intended it to be like that!)

Note: This will be full of the words Christmas, Christmassy, Holiday and related terms so be wary! haha..
  • Did you know that NLT made a version of Silent Night? They're actually quite good with a capella work, the start was fantastic! After the first round though, it turns into this really cool R&B thing. Sounds a lot like something NSYNC would do if they were still around..
  • Remember Mandisa from American Idol? Even if she was unrightfully eliminated, she released a studio album AND a Christmas album more importantly! Haven't heard it yet, but I think it'll be really good judging by the fact that her voice is AMAZING.
  • I completely forgot Aly & AJ's holiday album! I cannot believe I did! I absolutely adore the whole thing, but Greatest Time Of The Year is firmly planted in my mind at the moment, it's so Christmassy but still so Aly & AJ-y! The rest of the album is a masterpiece, it sounds so Christmas!!!
  • For you Westlife fans, let's recap some of the lads' Christmas performances. Remember the Vatican 2001 performance of Little Drummer Boy and imagine Mark singing Dolores' part, just for fun! Read the autobiography? You know the story, but hey, weren't the guys adorable? haha. How about this performance, remember? OK enough of Westlife, the rest of you might be suffering by now.
  • Christina Aguilera's festive offering's quite good as well. If you like Christina's first album or you like so hear your favorite songs Christina-fied, you might actually like this. Her version Angels We Have Heard on High is one of the best tracks for me.
  • I don't know if it's a Christmas song but Shayne Ward's Melt the Snow suggests that it's got something to do with the season, with snow and all. I LOVE the song though, Christmas or not Christmas..
  • I love a particular Chris Brown holiday song, This Christmas. His voice is gorgeous, and I love the melody! Feels a lot like Christmas as well. I love that shift from piano only to full-instrumental, it's cool! Very Christmassy.
  • For those of you who love big hits, get Josh Groban's Noel. It was number one in the US last year for like forever and it's sold a heck of a lot but it's actually full of amazing songs! Thankful's got to be the most amazing song on the album.
  • I adore Raven's voice, pure and utter brilliance! She recorded The Christmas Song and although I think the song has gotten a bit too overrated, she made an amazing version!
  • Another young girl with an ultra-amazing voice, Bianca Ryan! She has a Christmas EP as well and I must say, IT'S AMAZING! Listen to every track, they're all worth at least one! haha.
  • Just in case you missed them, some amazing already featured Christmas EP/albums for you to divulge in! Carrie Underwood's Carnival Ride Christmas EP, NSYNC's Home For Christmas and the Girls Aloud Chemistry Christmas EP are all worth your time!
  • Finally, for those of you who are too lazy to scour the internet and your local record stores for all the albums here, I have one suggestion, Disney Channel Holiday! It's full of cool pop-y Christmas songs by different Disney acts and in different genres so for you guys who don't feel really relieved when you've finally found that ultra hard to find song/album you've been looking for forever, then get this! haha. It's actually quite good! Standout tracks are the ones by Jordan Pruitt, Keke Palmer, Corbin Bleu and the Cheetah Girls!
That's it! I hope it helped and Merry Christmas everyone! haha.. If that wasn't enough, read over the Christmas playlist I made a week ago and download it at the end! OK? OK.

Also, don't forget to catch my end of year countdown! We're already at number 21!


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