# 12: Elin Lanto - Speak N Spell

This was actually the last song I added to the list, but I certainly didn't make a mistake in putting it here.

The mere fact that she's Swedish got me to listen to her single(is this on an album? I haven't done my research yet..), and I loved what I heard.

I'm not usually a big fan of all this Swedish dance/techno/'trance' stuff, but this seems to fall somewhere between that and Agnes-type pop.

The instrumental is more techno but you can stick that melody into an Agnes arrangement and it'll be amazing. Kinda like Darin, only he's more R&B than hardcore dance so yeah.

That's what I love about the Swedish pop I've heard so far, they're somehow sure of who they are musically as a country. I don't know if it's the right way to put it so lemme explain. The artists are themselves, but there are certain songs that the minute I hear the melody I can tell their Swedish. Something like that.

I don't think you got a thing I said.

ANYWAY. I love the melody, I love the instrumentation so I ADORE the song!


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