# 57: Coldplay - Viva La Vida

It may seem strange that I like Coldplay, and believe me, most of my friends are really surprised when they see this particular band on my iPod, above everything else.

I'm pretty strange-d(is that even a word?) out by myself by the fact that I actually LIKE Coldplay. Still, the songs are songs and if I like them, I don't really think it matters what genre it is.

I don't actually remember how I came to like this song, I suppose it was my curiosity taking over again or I had heard it somewhere(NOT 90210, I had heard the song already when the show started..) but other than that, I don't know how I came to love this song.

I think I've always had a soft spot for Coldplay, like Spanish songs and Country music. I remember hearing the lead single off X&Y a lot back when I used to watch TV and seeing them a lot on the internet.

Viva La Vida has a gorgeous melody, very catchy and sing-able, you can really imagine people just walking down the street humming the chorus, which is what made me so attracted to it.


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