After School - Because of You

Relatively short review.

I'll admit that I've never been the biggest After School fan - when I was first getting into kpop they were one of the names I'd constantly come across but I've never really heard enough good material that I actually liked to properly find out about them.

All I know is that they're under Pledis Entertainment (Son Dam Bi), one member just left and was replaced by 2 newbies and that they covered a Morning Musume song. (my best friend is a closet fan, go figure)

This time though, I decided to listen to the new single because it wouldn't hurt, right?

It's not that bad, if I may say so.

Albeit the heavy processing (Brave Sound is notorious for it so yeah), the melody is simple enough for people to remember and the instrumental is generic enough to not steal the spotlight of the hook. Speaking of the HOOK it's actually a hook and not just a random line repeated over and over again - it sticks to your head and after you listen to the entire thing, that's the part you remember.

However it's a good song. The vocals are also surprisingly good - these girls can sing. Lose the processing and live this will sound absolutely brilliant. They're not outstanding but I do think a larger percentage of the band can sing if you compare them to SNSD or something.

Because of You is one of those songs that I'll love now, possibly love in a few months but won't really, REALLY consider a part of my childhood once I get old or something unlike the Genies and Since You've Been Gones of the world.



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