This has ruined my day.

This is the cool, calm and collected version of my opinion. If you want the kicking and screaming one, see my Twitter account.I'm a DBSK fan girl, I admit it but even if I wasn't this is still ridiculous. These 5 guys are not only the most successful Asian boyband in a heck of a long time, they're also some of the most talented guys in pop right now. Say what you want to say that I'm biased and all but before I got thoroughly addicted I acknowledged their grasp on the pop market. When anyone first delves into K-pop one of the names they'll encounter is DBSK - if you know you're K-pop even just a bit you know DBSK.

Which leads me to something I've been saying all along. SM will never, ever find another five guys like DBSK - there simply aren't any other people who can take their place. DBSK are irreplaceable. They write a lot of their own material, it actually gets on A-sides of singles and for crap's sake these guys can sing their heads off against Super Junior and possibly even SHINee any day.

I'm a music blogger so my main argument is about the music - what the industry should be the most focused on. Put aside all that crap about the cosmetics company, about their parents speaking up and about whatever else non-music related stuff, this is about the music and it always should be but never is.

The guys need to be paid for what they've done in the past 5 years because it's only right. I'm not saying they should be paid millions because that's too much, I'm just asking that they be given enough to compensate for the work they've done. They need to at least live a comfortable life, in my opinion.

DBSK need to stay together for the music. It's about the music and it always should be. They have the repertoire, they have the vocals, they have the musician friends, they have everything they need to succeed musically. Fans, tons and tons of money, fame - that's all second nature and I'd personally let them trade all of that so long as they keep on releasing music. They need to eat and provide for themselves, yes but other than the necessities, these guys don't need any of those.

But thinking about it, they should've never signed those contracts. As much as I hate SM for doing this to them, I do agree with some people who are saying that they should've never agreed to the terms. Contracts are contracts and everything is written down, documented. If they didn't know about those terms they're the ones to blame. However what's done is done - they signed the contracts, they became one of the biggest bands in Asia and now they're in so much trouble I'm on the verge of a mental breakdown.

On the business side of things, SM shouldn't let DBSK go either - it's stupid, really. I mean, this is a band that has the biggest fanclub in the world (and that's just the one for Korea. Add the one for Japan and that's like a ton more), have EIGHT Japanese # 1 singles, are the only foreign act after The Beatles I believe to hit #1 in Japan, have sold a heck of a lot of records and are literally GODS of the modern boyband world - they're like Westlife with better music, bodies (hahah.), vocals but practically the same achievements in a given space of time. If these guys at SM are the businessmen they CLAIM to be, those stats mean $$$. Don't they want the money? I know they should stay together for the music but if we're to follow what these stupid capitalists want us to because they control the industry right now, then the money should be a reason to keep the band.

I'm a DBSK fan, yes, but I'm also a music blogger who knows music like the back of her hand. I didn't become a fan because of the guys themselves or for their popularity or whatever else, I became a fan because they know how to make music and they make it damn well. Seeing music being disrespected like that is insulting to everything I stand for and DISGUSTING.

EDIT (a few hours later): Just realized that this is my 500th post. I'm glad it's a meaningful one and one that really shows how I feel about this stupid recording industry. Here's to more posts!


  1. I agree with you. DBSK became popular because of their talent and also because they know how to love, make and appreciate good music. I hope Cassiopeias all over Asia and also the world would keep them united. This is really sad.

  2. The Westlife comparison. LOL. No doubt that these guys are a talented bunch. =) Hope everything can be settled soon enough. You can't have too much good music. Hm.

  3. grace - I know! *cries* I tried to sound composed on this post but on Twitter I was literally kicking and screaming! Hahah.

    rcLoy - What?!? I used to be the biggest fan ever so even if I'm not one anymore, I still know their history and statistics! Hahah. Agreed! But the sad truth is that these stupid record company executives are preventing that good music from being released just 'coz THEY think it won't sell. What the crap do they know about music?!? Hahah.

  4. ooo, i'm going to read it all on twitter :) Congrats on 500 posts :)

  5. Hahah. It's me cursing, screaming and crying - FUN! Hahah. Thanks!


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