Liberty X - No Clouds

OK, so the one that was on the Maxi single isn't the one I'm reviewing but I like how this cover looks! haha.

I've always said that Liberty X are much, much better than Hear'Say(but Hear'say's kind of a guilty pleasure for me..) but with this song they can go head to head with Hear'Say.

You know, whether they like it or not, I'm always going to compare them to Hear'Say because Hear'Say were the winners and they were the losers but who won a BRIT? Liberty X! haha.

At first listen it sounds a lot like a Hear'Say song and it's got certain elements that make it like that but you listen to it more and more and you hear a Liberty X song. Hear'Say songs are kind of one-dimensional, they are what they are but Liberty X songs make you curious, they make you think, and that's something I like about them.

I said it last night that this song is like a less sanitized Same Difference plus a TLC/3LW-type girl group song and that still stands. It's a sweet pop confection with edge, and it's got the most amazing melody.

RATING: 5/5! For sheer brilliance.


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