Lucie Silvas - Fall For Something Real

I can't help myself! Must. Post.

So she's British. When I first saw her I though she was American or Canadian, maybe even Australian, something in that vain. The only track from her that really impressed me, and I mean REALLY impressed was Forget Me Not. Very 'poetic' title, but melodically the song was just stunning. The stripped recording was a very nice touch, just her and the gorgeous piano part.

So now she's got some tracks up and circulating around the internet, and one in particular caught my ear. I haven't heard her second album yet(mainly because I can't find it..) but I really, really like this track. It seems like the trend last year and this year was the 40's/50's/60's thing and anything else related to that(the Sugababes and Girls Aloud had similar-sounding carrier singles and almost all of Leon's new material was like that..) and this is like the perfect marriage between that trend and what her first album had.

Actually, this could be marketed as some kind of country single in the US, as can the other four tracks(the last I checked there were five new and full tracks from her out..), you can hear the country elements in them.

Just by this song alone(there's another one that I like, but not as much as this..), I'll be waiting for the album! It sounds like something I'd remotely like.. haha.



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