Westlife Vs. Human Nature - She's Back(Again)

Yes! Another Westlife vs. other random boyband post, this time with a song that was first released by that other random boyband, Human Nature.

The original:
Human Nature are an Australian vocal group and until 2004 they were releasing original material. This song was off their last original album before they started releasing back to back Motown cover albums(*yawn*) so this was released in 2004, a year before Westlife did it. The original is a bit less over-produced than the Westlife one, but the vocals were obviously double-tracked. The song itself is growing on me, and these vocals are very standard boyband, nothing special.

Listen to it here.

The cover:
The instrumental of this is much more processed but I obviously like the vocals better on this so I call this battle a tie. haha.


  1. i really should be commenting more! I fell in love with the westlife version of this track after seeing some cheap but quite good tribute band in benidorm performing it alongside When You're Looking Like That. Now if only Westlife would cover When We Were Young and Mercury4's 5 Years From Now :)

  2. OMG Yes! haha, I love those two songs, they're the ultimate boyband masterpieces.


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