2000 in Boyband Land..

While I'm thinking of something a little more original, why not see what was happening in boyband land during the new millennium?

......98 Degrees scored their first US Hot 100 number one single with their duet with Mariah Carey and Joe.

......A1 take two singles to the number one spot AND take an album to their highest peak in their career, coming in at number 14 in the UK.

......Human Nature release their third studio album and take two singles into the top forty.

......NSYNC release No Strings Attached and all three US singles hit the top five, one hitting number one(their ONLY number one single.)

......Northern Line release two singles which both fail to hit even the top ten in the UK, their peak position being fifteen.

......Take That release their second album under a new record company, Elektra Records.

......Westlife release four singles and What Makes A Man becomes their first single NOT to hit the number one spot. Coast to Coast also defeats the Spice Girls' Forever by over 75,000 copies in a highly publicized chart battle, making it a number one album, the first of many.

......The Backstreet Boys peak at number six on the US charts this year with Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely off Millennium.

......The release of We Will Rock You gives 5ive their second UK number one.

......Canadian boyband B4-4 release their first album.

......French boyband Alliage, who did a duet with Boyzone in 1997 release their last single.


  1. And B4-4 went on to be the quite sexy RyanDan! who knew?! I miss A1 - surely time for a reunion!!

  2. really? I know of both bands but I didn't know they were related! haha.

    Yeah, a1 were amazing, but with the amount of boybands out at the time, they were a bit overshadowed.. still..


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