Oh no they didn't!

I cannot believe that quite a lot of PJ readers said that WESTLIFE are the fifth act most likely to split this year.

THEY ARE SO NOT SPLITTING! Wasn't the X Factor performance testament enough to the fact that they're SO NOT SPLITTING UP?

Now tell me, is this just because I'm a huge Westlife fan(huge is an understatement..) or is this really injustice?

THEY'RE NOT SPLITTING UP! They will NOT turn into another Boyzone! NOOOOO!


  1. Oooh no they did not! Cover your eyes and ears!

    I wouldn't worry about what silly people think. In that poll, they got a bunch of stuff wrong in terms of #1s and what not. I mean, they have been saying Girls Aloud and Sugababes are splitting up for years now.


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