Flashback: Delta Goodrem

I like this album. I don't say I like it but only listen to maybe 40% of it, I like it as a whole, I like listening to the album from start to finish and not skip a single track. Why?

Because every single track on this album is worth listening to, every single track compliments the ones before and after it. In short, this is what an album should be for me.

It should have all the other things, it should have identity, it should be this and that but it should also be an album. It shouldn't be a bunch of songs that are just thrown together and called an album, it should be songs that are grouped together because they fit each other and make a whole, complete collection.

Why call it an album otherwise? I don't see the point.

We respond to things like this, the album was number two in the UK and number one in Australia. See what I mean? Good.

Of course there are tracks for me that stand out more than the others, that are more recognizable when I listen to the album but still, they compliment each other.

Lost Without You is a perfect example of that. It's an amazing track, I love the melody and all but if you listen to the track from start to finish, it really falls into place in the album. Butterfly though has got to be my favorite track on the album. Gary Barlow wrote this but that aside, it's just an amazing album and I think it should've been a single.

Another reason though why I think this album is an amazing debut is because it's no-frills pop. It's not 90's pop, it's 2000's pop and there's nothing else, it's not Pop/R&B, Pop/Dance or anything else, it's just pop. It's something that I think the US is missing, but it's something so many other countries have perfected, adding Australia to that list.


  1. gosh. lost without you will forever be my favourite english song. i've loved that song since it's release and i will continue to love it. until forever.


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