Flashback: Lindsay Lohan

OK, I know she's practically ruined her career at the moment but she used to be good - better than Hilary Duff if you were to ask me.

If the late 90's had Britney and Christina, the early to mid-2000's had Lindsay and Hilary. If you were a kid/teenager growing up between 2002 and 2005 you would've seen every single episode of Lizzie McGuire, watched Freaky Friday, Mean Girls and Confessions of a Drama Queen and would've eventually bought Either Lindsay or Hilary's albums. Later once the movie/TV acting careers of the two were done and over with, the music remained.

Although I think Lindsay is the more talented of the two, you gotta hand it to Hilary for keeping herself together longer than Lindsay and making tons more albums than her. I'll get to Hilary some other time, let's focus on Lindsay.

The first single off the album was Rumors and it's one of my personal favorites from Lindsay. It's racy, dance-y and it's nothing like what Lindsay was portrayed like in the movies. In a sense I think it was the right move, mainly because they had to separate her movies from her music - if they didn't people wouldn't know her real name and just refer to her as the girl in those Disney movies.

Then came Over - a very nostalgic track for me mainly because it was HUGE here in the Philippines and I used to hear it every single day on the local music channel. After about a year of not listening to it at all, I've come to really, really, really love this track. It's like she goes from pole to pole - the first single was uptempo, club-y and now this is a ballad. Still, it shows just how much better she is than Hilary vocals-wise and gave fans something to argue about. Which's better - Fly or Over? Yeah, sure Fly was a gorgeous song but it's too big for Hilary.

The last single off the album was First and it was featured on the soundtrack to Herbie: Fully Loaded. It's a great song, very catchy - very Disney, unmistakably actually. Very good for promotions and to put on the soundtrack to an advertisement or trailer.

What I'm trying to say is that a debut album must be marketable, it must have potentially commercial songs - songs you can slap on a trailer or ad campaign. It should also be able to sell quite a lot because that's the record company's main criteria if they'll let you make another album - if your singles sell, your albums charts well and you bring in a lot of money and attention.


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