American Idol Top 11 - Week 2

It's country week. hmm.

Michael Sarver - I didn't like his performance that much, it was a bit too rushed for me but I don't know if the song's really like that. It's like the song doesn't have any dynamics - there's no high point or low point in it. I'm so-so about the whole thing.
Allison Iraheta - I know she can sing, she has a voice but I'm not convinced. There's nothing really moving about her for me - kinda like Carly last year.
Kris Allen - He's getting better I think. If he keeps on choosing good songs - he'll be a very strong contender. I don't know if it was a technical error or what but the high parts got fuzzy.. hmm. He reminds me a bit of Elliot - he can definitely go the same route as him.(NOTE: it was a technical thing..)
Lil Rounds - Gorgeous, gorgeous voice. The song doesn't match that much but what the heck - BRILLIANT VOICE. She did however, NAIL THE LAST NOTE.
Adam Lambert - I didn't like the arrangement, it's so strange and his voice was a bit weak at the start. He's strange. Plus the screaming at the end was just too much. I agree with Simon! I really don't like him.
Scott MacIntyre - He was so-so this week, nothing outstanding but the performance was OK.
Alexis Grace - Brooke White sang this better and though they have different voices and stuff - I do like Brooke's version better. Not a very good week for her but she better get through!
Danny Gokey - Again, it was so-so. There were high points and there were low points but it's enough for him to get through. yay!
Anoop Desai - YAY! The Anoop we all knew and loved during the earlier stages is BACK! I loved it, it was definitely A LOT better than last week's. yay!
Megan Corkey - BEST PERFORMANCE OF THE NIGHT! It fits her voice perfectly and the arrangement is brilliant. LOVE IT. She's definitely the most current pop of all of them.
Matt Giraud - Nope. Once again it's nothing special - Carrie Underwood immortalized this song and this is nothing compared to her version. I don't like him.

Almost everyone was so-so this week for me - all but a few. hmm.


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