American Idol Top 13 - Week 1

haha. Yes! I'm finally doing an episode recap again..

'Lil Rounds - Brilliant start. She's slowly becoming a Fantasia-like singer, big voice, consistent song choices and lots of personality. I loved the performance, she
Scott MacIntyre - He has a nice voice and I like it but I'm afraid that if he keeps on singing ballads like this, he might become a one-trick pony. I don't however, agree with what Simon said. So what if it's not popular? Ugh.
Danny Gokey - I liked him during the earlier stages, and I still like him. Although I thought he was pushing a bit too much, the performance was OK.
Michael Sarver - I didn't like him during the top 36 but he does actually have a nice voice and I quite enjoyed his performance. What I'm afraid of though is him becoming somewhat a Daniel(of X factor last year in case you don't remember..) who can only sing ballads.
Jasmine Murray - From the contestants who've already sung, lemme guess who Simon will most likely sign because of what they sang today. Scott, so he can turn him into an inspirational ballad-singing machine and Jasmine, so he can make her a young, American Leona Lewis. She has a voice but her top 36 performance proved that all she can sing are ballads, that's it. Not convinced.
Kris Allen - When I first heard the name today, I had no idea who he is. So I wiki-ed and he's Man In The Mirror guy! haha. So-so performance, he has the possibility of becoming a Jason Mraz-ish singer(I SAID IT BEFORE RANDY DID!!!! IT'S TRUE! MY IDEA!) although he sounds like he came straight out of a flop boyband. Plus that note towards the end was just sad.
Allison Iraheta - I never liked her, still don't. It's not that she's bad or anything, I just don't like that kind of voice in particular, I hear too much of it here in the Philippines that I can get annoying at times. I didn't like Carly that much last season but I like her better than Allison!
Anoop Desai - I agree with the judges, the didn't go very well with him. It was kinda flat and bland but I just hope he stays another week... I liked him, not very sure about it now.
Jorge Nuñez - JORGE! Gorgeous voice, but it's average. Still, DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS VOICE. It makes up for everything.
Megan Joy - I love her voice, but I quite liked the song choice. Cutesy, perky and nice. She better get through..
Adam Lambert - He pulled the theme the best out of everyone but I don't know, there's still something if-y about him for me. I liked the performance though..
Matt Giraud - I like his voice but the performance had a lot of flaws. He'll get in but he didn't do very well, I think.
Alexis Grace - She pulled it off. Not brilliant but not bad. Loved her, still do. TOP THREE, here we come! haha.

I said last weekend that the talent isn't as good as it was last year but this episode made me think twice. So, let me rephrase. The talent isn't as diverse this year. You don't have a bunch of big voices, a rocker, an alternative singer, an adult pop singer and heaps of variety.


  1. OMG. I totally forgot to publish my review about this one. Arrgh. i'm agitated right now. LOL.

    ADAM LAMBERT is uber DOPE!! His vocals are defo MAD!


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