So a few hours ago, it was Irish music's biggest night and yes, Westlife were nominated for their NINTH Best Pop Act award. The run-up to last night was kinda nerve-racking because all the news articles were saying that they might win because Boyzone and the Script are up against them and all.


YAY! Congrats to them(as if they'll ever read this.) and they better win another one next year!

(btw, WHERE WAS KIAN? what 'special commitment'? he's not doing anything besides planning his wedding(which is apparently almost done and managing a band with Louis Walsh who was there! ugh.) haha.


  1. i've been having a bit of a westlife week. sigh. their last album was so good yet so badly managed in terms of appropriate singles. Never mind :) I'm sure they will be back with a vengence soon!


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