American Idol: Thoughts.

I know I said I'd do live blogs and all but I haven't had the time, so let me just list down some thoughts on this season. I might do a recap for the top 13, but it depends.
  • Can someone please explain to me why Tatiana Del Toro got into the top 36 THEN got into the wildcard round instead of Norman Gentle? Norman can actually sing, sort of like the girl from the Ting Tings. They both don't have the most gorgeous voices but they can hold a melody AND entertain us, keep us interested whereas all Tatiana can do is cry and say 'Thank you'.
  • Scott MacIntyre has got a gorgeous voice, but somehow he sounds a lot better when I just listen to him. In fact, a lot of the top 13 sound better when I don't watch them perform. Jasmine Murray, for example. I wasn't convinced by her when I watched her but I got the live recordings and now I'm a fan.
  • I've got my favorites, Alexis Grace, Danny Gokey, Jorge Nunez, Scott MacIntyre, Anoop Desai and Megan Corkey, let's just see how they do!
  • I agree with Simon on the Jorge Nunez thing, I don't see why he should work with a dialect coach. He's Spanish for heaven's sake so it's natural that he sings like that, it's the way he is. Isn't Idol about taking raw talent and making it into a superstar? I can't wait to see him kick butt if they ever do a Latin week.
  • I didn't find Lil Rounds' performance as brilliant as everyone says it is. Sure, she's got a beautiful voice, the song really matched her and the performance was very good, outstanding but there were people who were as good as her that night, some even better.
  • Ricky Brady is AMAZING but he still didn't get through. This is so unfair.
  • Over-all, the talent this is isn't as good as it was last year. The people who got cut last year were better than a few of the top 13 and last year gave us Cook, Archuleta, Brooke, Carly, Michael and pure, raw talent. Watching an episode of Idol last year was like watching professionals do their thing. I wonder what it'll be like this year.


  1. Yeah. I definitely agree on your opinions. Idol is slowly getting to my nerves this year. I just don't get the format and it's just so unfair. The brilliant artists got cut off which is absolutely nonsense.

    I effin' love Norman! He's awesum. My prediction to win is Danny! My favourites so far are Alexis, Danny, Lil, Michael. I find Adam a little bit arrogant to the point that it's kind of irritating. :))

    Let's see next week if they'll come up to our expectations.

  2. We didn't get enough time to get to know the top 13. Heck, I don't even know all of their names! Last year I did, because we had three weeks worth of them beforehand.

  3. I agree -- Idol just isn't what it used to be anymore...But I'll probably still watch it. Sadly. Haha.

    And -- so you know, I also gave you the Dardos Award. :)


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