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Apologies for the absence, have been busy with school and all. Let's get rolling, shall we?

Even if I'm actually one of these kids, I find it amazing how people my age who think they have potential and actually do can hone their skills and get their talents noticed via the internet. I love writing, so I blog and build up my resume but apparently, there are even some singers my age writing and producing actual songs. I got an email from this guy called mnek - a singer in London who's my age, asking me to check his music out. When I was scanning through the email I was happy that like me, there was someone my age pushing boundaries but when I actually heard his stuff, I was absolutely blown away.

Let me put this simply, if he was to release his songs officially - I'd buy them.

I know how much it means to kids like me when people tell us we're good, when they tell us we've got potential so I'll word my review very truthfully and not underestimate the music just because this guy is 14.

I'm impressed with a lot of things, but what I'm most amazed by is the fact that this guy WRITES his own stuff. There are major label singers at this age, a few songwriters but there are even less who can do both. He can write, and unlike a lousy American Idol contestant, he writes/chooses songs that fit his voice and give him an edge - all while being commercial enough to be scooped up by a major label right now.

I love the melodies he's created and I think unlike a lot of artists nowadays, he's not confused as to where he wants to go music-wise but he's not afraid to take chances with style, language and the over-all song.

I'm drawn to his music a little more because of his influences and who he wants to work with - he doesn't marginalize. Every genre's represented - from Lady GaGa to Usher to Whitney, and I think having likes that diverse will very much help define a unique identity and we all know how scarce those are nowadays.

What I'm afraid though is that if he ever gets signed to a label and gets the chance to make an album, the record company might want to take control and order him to make something that isn't him but sells. I DON'T want any more amazing talent sanitized, we've had countless artists already murdered by the commercial market and this guy certainly doesn't deserve to go the same way.

DOWNLOAD(highly recommended):
Devil In Pumps(She Dips)
If Truth Be Told

AND visit his MySpace.


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