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What's my excuse now? Relaxation. Before everything starts getting manic, let me remember what matters in life - my sanity and my writing.

(the only decent photo I could find, it's rather unflattering..)

Another one of my PopJustice discoveries, she's apparently being compared to Miley Cyrus.

I don't get it.

Yes, she has her own TV show and yes, she sings but this song is more of a Lindsay-like song back when she was still doing movies and not drugs and it doesn't really show us any talent whatsoever. She can't sing - when you watch the video it's like she looks older than she sings, she might be able to pass for a band but not as a solo artist, never.

A debut single is supposed to show us that the artist in question can actually do something - write songs, sing well or play an instrument but this song shows nothing but unoriginality and boredom. If it doesn't really directly show real talent, it should at least show that the artist has potential, that he/she can get somewhere. She's not a very good singer, she didn't co-write or write the song and by the looks of the video, she can't play any instruments. All of this can compensate for a bad song but not only is she incapable of doing anything musically, the song just sucks, period.

Like I said, it's a bad copy of a Lindsay song because one, the song sucks and two, Lindsay has a certain grip on her songs - she has this character and attitude that makes her songs better than they actually are. In short, you cannot make a talentless(music-wise) girl sing a Lindsay-like song because if you think about it long and hard, Lindsay actually has a heck of a lot of talent.

Back to the Miley comparison. I'll be honest, I don't like Miley but she has a certain appeal, there's something about her that makes you want to notice her, makes you want to listen to her stuff and whether I personally like her or not, she has some kind of talent. Dani doesn't have that - she's bland and boring and the song doesn't do any favors for her either.

Everything about this girl is wrong - her song, her voice and her look don't scream "I'm a popstar and you better believe it or else..", they scream "I'm trying too hard to be American and Disney so my song sounds like a Lindsay carbon-copy and I sound bland".



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