A random bunch of stuff I've been meaning to talk about..

It's sort of a new music post - but it's not. Some stuff that I've been delaying for weeks now, better get on with it. haha!

So I got an email a few weeks ago about this band called Parachute. I read the press release and all but didn't have the time to listen to the song so I told myself I would when I had the time. In standard me form, I sort of forgot about it for a while but last night I was checking mail and I came across the email so I gave She Is Love a listen.
The song is absolutely BRILLIANT. haha. I love the melody, the guy can sing and the overall song is something definitely worth listening to. I'd put this in the Andi/Sara Bareilles Pop category, amazingness! If you like the song, you can buy it on iTunes or visit their myspace. Oh, I just came from their myspace and the acoustic version of the song is up as well, I love it more than the original one! haha.

Another e-mail discovery, Emma Deigman. She'll be supporting Girls Aloud starting April this year which is brilliant.
I've heard a voice like this before, not sure where and from who but I've heard it. The song is very Motown/50's/60's, which I have a very soft spot for(the parents used to play the Motown greats when I was a kid.) and I LOVE the melody! haha. Good voice, good video, BRILLIANT song! You can visit her official site, which has a great design and even more brilliance playing! haha. here.

When I first heard the new Eoghan Quigg single I was weird-ed out and shocked.
And then I thought, if Simon's behind this, should I be surprised? NO! A cover of a mediocre song, haven't we seen this all before? But an uptempo, I'm sad to say, doesn't work for this guy. I appreciate the fact that maybe they DON'T want to turn him into a British Archuleta but uptempos don't go with him in the first place so why even think otherwise? haha. I'm not as shocked as I was when I first heard it and I'll probably check his album out but I'm not convinced.

Natalie Bassingthaighte's album is NUMBER ONE! YAY! Congrats to Nat, I'd buy 1,000 Stars if I could!

AH! Forgot something! EDITTTTT!
With the demise of A-List Alliance, I think I've found a new band. The start of Ballas Hough Band's new song sounds a lot like something A-List Alliance would do and I LOVE it! Very teen pop/rock, a catchy melody, good vocals and an over-all great song! haha.


  1. i quite like the parachutes. i quite like emma deigman. i really like ballas hough band (their album rocks). I do not like The Quigg. So all in all a great post!


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