New stuff from Varsity Fanclub.. + BRILLIANCE.

Excuse the rather slow pace of posting - I'm hooked on Rain and everything about him at the moment that it's practically all I do the whole day.

So anyway, they've got two new songs which actually have quite similar elements because - wait for it, one of them's a RedOne song(at least I'm sure it is..) and they've both got that RedOne sound.

I was wondering where these guys were...

Piece of Me starts out with an a capella section I quite enjoyed before launching into a techno/RedOne loop and the melody of the verse seriously blows me away. I have my favorite Varsity songs and this is not one of them but it's a pretty solid track - possible single if I was to call the shots(although now that I'm listening to it more, it sounds a lot more like Jada's American Cowboy.. hmm.).


We Will has a similar a capella thing at the start, although slower and it's rock-er and not as strong as the other tracks I think.

But something else kinda overshadowed the so-so Varsity songs.


Seriously - I've been waiting for this since like forever and it certainly hasn't disappointed. This girl really does have everything she needs to succeed - a record label, a fan base and a heck of a lot of talent. Plus the fact that this song is outright brilliant.

I've talked about her before and I've always had good things to say about her so this is no different. I stand by the fact that I'm anticipating her album the most this year. More than JoJo, Rain, Aly&AJ and even friggin' Westlife - mainly because I want to hear what the crap she's gonna do with all these amazing songs and her mind-blowing voice.



  1. is there a single cover already for Mama Do? I can't wait for it to reach the charts. Love Love Love Pixie!

  2. varsity fanclub, v factory, nlt et al all seem to have been hovering around on the periphery of success for ages. something needs to happen soon.

    To echo ken, love love love Pixie!

  3. To echo Ken, Paul, and Agnes, I love love LOVE the way they've reworked "Mama Do"--I liked it before, but this version is GREAT. She looks gorgeous in the video, too. I know she's a high priority for her label, but I still wasn't expecting the video to be as good as it is.

  4. I seriously can't wait for this girl to get famous, quick.

    Ken - I think is has one. I'm not that sure though.
    Paul - Yeah, what is with these Americans that they can't seem to stick to a release date? We all know the Varsity album was pushed back but what about all these other guys? ugh.
    Poster girl - I knooooooooow. It sounds a lot better.. hahah.


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