Brown Eyed Girls - How Come

A 'spin-off' of my Rain addiction - I heard the song during a Rain interview and loved it so I've been looking for it since yesterday morning. I found ittttt! hahah.

Compared to the UK and even more the US, South Korea seems to have a whole bunch of girl groups out at the moment and I'm not just talking about new ones - there are a whole host of established girl bands. If I was to compare it to UK pop, think of the time when Girls Aloud, Atomic Kitten, The Sugababes, Clea, The Spice Girls, B*Witched and All Saints existed which was NEVER. hahah.

That's just for the girl groups I know - and I don't know a lot. There's Wonder Girls, Girls Generation, T-ara, Jewelry, and a lot I forgot about or just don't know about yet. Then of course, you have the Brown Eyed Girls.

Once again, I never look at the lyrics. Even if I don't know what the crap they're saying - this song is amazing.

If I was to evaluate everything else from them that I've heard, I'd say they're not that good but this song is just so freakin' brilliant that it's a crime not to listen to it. It follows what I assume is a trend within female solo/group acts - that Euro-ish/dance/techno sound(Lee Hyori was doing it and I've heard quite a few other bands doing this.) but what I love so much about this song is the bridge(the part the girl with the ponytail and bangs sings, I'm quite sure that's the verse).

(note: you have to listen to this before you even think of loading the video below - trust me.)

Heck, even mind-blowing wouldn't do it justice. Time to look for another word.

If I was to honestly name the best bridge I've heard this year(and I've heard a lot of good bridges this year..) - this would be it. I don't care if I hate the rapping part(although it's become tolerable now..) and the girl singing first sucks live - the bridge is the best thing I've heard since the first time I played Rain's discography.

Amazing instrumentation, good, strong verses, a chorus that hits you from nowhere and the most mind-blowing bridge, can it get any better? Of course it can!(I was as surprised as I expect you to be right now..)

A good song should be able to morph - it should be able to be flexible and not limit itself to one arrangement. In short, if you strip the vocals/melody and slap it on another arrangement, it should work like nothing changed and boy can this song do that. This is the reason why I told you guys to listen to the original song with the original arrangement because now you HAVE to hear this:
What I don't understand though is why the girl singing that friggin' bridge ISN'T the lead singer - she beats that crap can't-sing-live lead singer any day. Did you hear how she just belted out her part? ugh.



  1. ahh, brown eyed girls...


  2. i do not know whether i am disappointed or thrilled that this is not a Van Morrison covers band a la West End Girls = Pet Shop Boys; A*Teens = Abba, etc... :P I likey though :)

  3. BeE - haha yes. I've fallen trap to Asian music - no turning back now!

    Paul - hmm. I do love A*Teens but from what I've heard this is the only thing of this kind from the girls which is why everything else is kinda so-so.. YAY! You like it! hahah.

  4. Late comment is late, but if you haven't already found out you might be interested to know that JeA is in fact the lead singer/leader of BEG and that Ga-In can actually sing better than she does here. (For one, "How Come" isn't even one of their best songs. Try "Second", especially the hip-hop remix, or "떠나라 미스김", or "Watch Out" aka one of the best damn kpop songs you could ever dance to.)


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