Here at Pop Reviews Now I do way more than review the newest singles and albums - I think, I explore and I learn. (LOL was that cheesy?) Seriously, as much as it's my portfolio and a place to put my thoughts, Pop Reviews Now is a learning experience for me. Over years I've learned to think critically and I've learned to take what I already know and apply it to a completely new field. These specials served as my introduction to certain things I wanted and still want to pursue in the near or distant future - a series of posts, sometimes stretching a few months' worth, with similar characteristics and one binding factor. The things I've learned with these posts have been put to use on my regular reviews and other ramblings here on PRN - it's safe to say that they're part of my writing foundations.

Below are all the specials and posts, indexed and linked for your convenience. Please note that "Best of" lists and series' are not included on this list.

10 Traits of a Perfect Debut Album

Christina Aguilera
Girls Aloud
Craig David
Taylor Swift
Delta Goodrem
Aly & AJ
Lindsay Lohan
Guy Sebastian

10 Years of Westlife

The Best of Westlife
The Best Westlife B-Sides/Bonus Tracks
The Westlife Songs That Should've Been Singles
The Best Westlife Live Performances
Flashback: Westlife
Live At Croke Park

Boyband Special

BSB vs. Westlife - Color My World
The A Capella Showdown
1999 in Boybands
5 boybands that demand your attention
4 boybands today
Westlife vs. Human Nature - She's Back (Again)
The Best Boyband Debut Singles EVER
Nine of the most underrated boyband songs
2000 in Boyband Land
Westlife - Back Home
Deconstructing the Perfect Boyband Album
The Battle of the Boybands!
5 of the best boyband love songs from the most uncommon suspects..

The Kpop Special

A Crash Course in Korean Pop V 2.0
What is Kpop?

Vocal Commentaries

DBSK V 1.0
(Intro / Analysis)
Girls Aloud vs. The Saturdays
(Intro / Analysis)
Terminology, Glossary
Big Bang
DBSK V 2.0
(Intro / Analysis)


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