Elliott Yamin - Fight For Love

I've always had a soft spot for Idol contestants - regardless of how they do in the competition and how good their albums are I always give them a chance. I remember the first time I heard Elliott's first album I was so-so about it but I've come to really love some of the songs. What I love about this guy is how his songs have the most beautiful melodies - every one of them. I might not like them, but they're beautiful.

Let Love Be has a John Legend-ish feel to it and the verses are gorgeous, the chorus is amazing and the whole song just makes you want to tap your foot and smile - it's got that Moments That Matter thing going on. For a white guy he's got groove, if I may say so(even though Craig David will forever be king of 'groove').

Know Better is a bit so-so for me - it sounds too much like an Archuleta song(although this guy does it extremely better..) and the bridge is uncomfortable. Nice song though. Fight For Love is much better. I first heard this a few weeks ago and this was the song that got me excited about the album. Gorgeous verse, very unpredictable - I honestly couldn't tell what we coming next and I love how the chorus explodes, well done. I love the instrumentation of the verses - whatever's playing a semi-melody behind his vocals is gorgeous. The only thing I'm if-y with is the middle-8 - it's a bit too sharp/resonant for me. I do however love the breakdown at the end - I'd love to hear him do it live and all the fans start screaming and clapping.

The verse of You is something I'd imagine him singing in this deserted mansion with a piano and then once the chorus hits he's running through the hallways, chasing a girl in a long black gown or something. That's what I get with the song - it's dark but it's not. The instrumentation is dark and the violins make it serious but the melody's gorgeous and they don't clash(although I wouldn't say clashing's a bad thing..) - they kinda compliment each other. Not too fond of the middle 8 as well.

Can't Keep On Loving You reminds me of a Rascal Flatts song - gorgeous, simple first verse, an effortless chorus and a lot of piano work. My only complaint is that THERE IS NO MIDDLE 8. It could've been my favorite. Don't Be Afraid is like Moments That Matter with groove. The verse reminds me a bit of Craig David's Insomnia if it was stripped down. Gorgeous, gorgeous chorus - one of the most gorgeous this year. But there's more, THE MIDDLE 8 IS GORGEOUSSSSS! Finally Elliott, you give me a middle-8 worth listening to! Spectacular.

You Say reminds me of some late 90's/early 2000's song I can't remember right now and I love it. It's like all the stunning middle-8s start showing up later in the album - this one's just as great as the other one. hahah. For some strange reason Apart From Me reminds me of an Usher song mixed with Archuleta's Crush. Not a big fan of it and the middle 8 is nothing special either.

Cold Heart is like an Americanized James Morrison song or something that could be on Melinda's album. The song's OK but it doesn't really go with the rest of the album. He does it well though. I love the way How Do I Know builds up and the instrumentation is excellent. One of the stronger songs on the album and definitely something I'd listen to again. The best part of the middle 8 is the end. hahah.

This Step Alone is the prerequisite slow/piano-based song and it's probably the most stunning song on the album. The melody is extremely flow-y and the piano part is gorgeous, they just intertwine with each other. The middle 8 is strong, it goes with the rest of the song but it's not especially stunning. I love the piano-only part though - I seem to like a lot of those. hahah. Stunning. Show Me is a sweet ending to the album, refreshing after all the heavy songs. The chorus is kinda detached and I don't quite like the melody though.

So, to sum up the album:
Best Track: This Step Alone(WHY IS THE LAST.FM TITLE IN STICKY CAPS? It's injustice to the gorgeousness of the song.)
Better Tracks: Don't Be Afraid, Fight For Love, You Say, How Do I Know
Least Favorite Track: Not a big fan of You, Show Me and Cold Heart


  1. I really like this album, wouldn't have discovered if it weren't for your review lol. "How Do I Know" is brilliant.

  2. My favorites from the album:
    Let Love Be, Fight For Love, You, Can't Keep On Loving You, Don't Be Afraid, You Say, How Do I Know, This Step Alone, Someday.

    My least favorites:
    Cold Heart, Know Better, Apart From Me.


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