BoA - Atlantis Princess + Milky Way

There were two songs from BoA's 2003 album Atlantis Princess that to this day continue blow me away. These two songs are the reasons why I still respect BoA as an artist even though I think Eat You Up was a complete disaster of a song.

Atlantis Princess is more than worthy of being the albums' title track simply because it's a stunning pop masterpiece.
It's edgy enough to be danced along to, it's got a gorgeous melody and it's a pop song - perfect.

I have no complaints about this song whatsoever so to spare everyone of me rattling on - let's proceed.

If I was to enumerate the best pop songs made in 2000 up to now, Milky Way would probably be in the top three - I'm dead serious. I mean, this song isn't just nostalgic for me because I got addicted to it during what was possibly the best year of my life, it also happens to give me goosebumps from the first chorus all the way to the end - isn't that a good enough indication that it's one of the best, remarkable and brilliant pop songs of the 2000's?

The melody has the right mix of sugary-sweet and hip hop/dance-worthy elements and although I think the middle 8 is sub-par, this girl just delivers the verses and the choruses like she was meant to sing the damn song. Then you see the video with fresh-faced BoA dancing and just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, you lose your ability to talk because of it.

For any hard core pop fan, this will really, truly blow your mind. Heck, it throws Girls Generation completely out of the water and they're probably the closest thing Korea has to fun, carefree pop.

For both songs, 5/5.


  1. those are my favorite too in the album. im leaning more to milky way...hahahaha :D REAL POP!

  2. i'm only familiar with BoA's newer stuff so this was a real treat. great songs :) You have cheered up my sunday morning :P

  3. BeE - They're both absolutely brilliant!

    Paul - Glad I could be of service. There's so much stuff out there we don't know about.. hahah.


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