Rain - In My Bed

Sorry - just had to sneak a Rain song in, I'm in love with it too much.

As much as he's R&B and hip hop, he can actually also make a beautiful song - something people would adore. He's at the stage already where he can experiment within his genre, try new things with his existing music and although we know he can sing a ballad(his first three albums had more pop-based ballads, less R&B beats and all), we never knew to what extent his ballads would go.

It's him yet it's a ballad. He's known for his up tempos - the stuff he dances like mad to but this was actually the first Rain song I ever heard and it was gorgeous. And who says you can't dance to a ballad?
(I don't usually put videos with subtitles but I couldn't find anything else.. hahah.)

It's one of those songs that's a pleasure to listen to. It makes you want to listen to it, regardless of the language because it's absolutely gorgeous.



  1. i love it when people get as obsessed with popstars/songs as I do :) I also love foreign language (to me) songs because when i eventually sing a long i sound quite clever!!


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