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Mitchel Musso's debut album is shaping up to be quite interesting and somehow fantastic - a new song just leaked a few hours ago and it's by far the most brilliant song I've heard since I left for camp. Hey is a song that if tweaked a little would sound a lot like something on Hilary Duff's early albums. In short it's ultra Disney pop/rock and yet there's a part of it than can put him beside all the other male AC/pop artists. I don't know if it's his voice or the song itself but it's not something Disney would put on all their soundtracks and advertise like mad(which they probably won't seeing as this guy isn't as big a star as Miley or Selena) and I'm kinda thankful that it won't.

It's extremely catchy(I sang along when I first listened to it!) and it's actually a good song if you take the thing apart. A lot of commercial appeal outside Disney which is good for him. And the video. I took a film class last semester(and topped it, thank God) so I think I'm slightly qualified to talk about the video and may I say, I love the effects and the whole vibe is very current. Kudos to whoever made the video - brilliant.
Uh, 4.8/5

I put a comment on Poster Girl's post on this song after listening to it once but when I listened to the new Industry song AGAIN, I realized it has quite a few strong points. The main thing is that the bridges are absolutely divine and when I say divine I mean it. Add that to the extremely Swedish pop-like chorus and the only thing that's actually wrong with this song is the fact that the girls are screaming all throughout the not so good verses. It can get annoying at times but the only thing that keeps me sane while listening to this song are the gorgeous bridges. But I do love the way you can still

Oh, and a little info about this band - one of the girls(Michelle if I remember correctly who is apparently a very popular Irish model) was rejected by Louis Walsh and instead formed Industry. Just an observation though - the guy singing the bridges sounds a lot like Brian McFadden at certain parts.


  1. i've been totally on board with industry for a few weeks now, god bless em :) Mitch Musso i think i will pass on... for now :P

  2. I was a bit skeptical about them at first but I'm slowly being won over.. we'll see.

  3. loving the fresh new look btw :)


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