I. Cannot. Believe. This. + A new Craig David demo..

So a while ago while I was at the mall I went into the record store looking for a Rain album(which I found, and bought - brilliance.) when I came across this:
(click to enlarge..)

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! For crap's sake, do you know how hard it is to find this album here? I always, always complain about record stores here not stocking anything that's not big in the US and I'm not kidding when I say that the only GA album I've seen for sale here is Chemistry and it's not even the special edition! haha. It's been like six months since this was out(I think.. could be more.) and I only found it now. When I finally found the damn album, I screamed and I got a few glares but who cares - I FOUND IT!!!!!!!! MWAHAHAH.

Note to Pinoys who want a copy: I found it in the SM North EDSA record bar - the one opposite the old Cyberzone/Car Park? hahah. It might be in Tower or M1 as well.(although the SM record bars have 8 out of 9 Westlife albums.. when Tower only had like one) Me giving out tips on where to buy physical albums, when did this ever happen? Oh, and can you believe it's only 350? I paid 600 for the Rain album! hahah. Moving on.

So there's this song floating around which is supposedly by Craig David but when I opened up the file the artist was this guy called LaShawn Daniels who's apparently a songwriter(he wrote Destiny's Child's Say My Name). Since there's still a possibility that Craig David's going to be on the track at some point in time, I listened to it and it was utterly brilliant - definitely something that could be on his next album. It sounds like an even more CD-ish Insomnia, which is fantastic for everyone - people get the generic R&B they want and I get brilliance. Of course he's gonna give it even more groove but the song we have right now isn't that bad - the guy can sing.

PS: Cook's brother died a few days ago, I assume(I saw the news this morning but I'm not sure exactly when he died..). Even if I hate his music now, I still have a soft spot for the guy so my thoughts are with him and his family.


  1. Oh my effin' gawd, The Saturday's album? I'm going to buy it!!! Arrggh. I haven't had the chance to go to malls lately.

    I'm still hoping for a GA album other than Chemistry to arrive here. I'll never lose hope. Or I'll just buy a BOX SET!!

  2. I knoooooooow.

    My friend saw Sound of The Underground about five years ago.. hahah. I think the Tower/M1 in Greenbelt has more.

  3. It upsets me at how popular Craig David once was and even though his music still good these days, his chart persona has declined :( He needs a real comeback album.


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