As you may have seen on Twitter - I was going crazy for a while. I wanted a new look so I hunted down a cool template and tested it on another blog. It seemed to work fine and I found a way to put the banner in but once I put it on the actual blog, the sidebar went crazy.

I panicked but then like in my usual critical thinking mode, I thought why not put all the HTML elements in one thing since the sidebar only accepts the first gadget. So I did it and after quite a few bumps, THE BLOG IS UP AND WORKING. I'll be doing a few tweaks in the coming days(like cleaning up the sidebar..) but everything's more or less OK.

A few key points about this layout:

The sidebar is quite close to the body and I don't know what to do with it but I'll figure that out like I always do, don't worry. If worse comes to worse I'll ask a friend to tweak the code or something.

The archive is at the very bottom because it's not an HTML element that I can copy and paste into the main thing so if you have to look back at some posts, it's at the very bottom.

There's now a search function at the very top of the sidebar but when the posts appear and they're shorter than the sidebar, the thing moves - will have to fix that.

I like how the thing looks but it's so damn difficult to use this template. Oh well, it's done.


  1. to be honest, I prefer the old look. Anyways, it looks neat and you NEED to clean up the side bar. ;)

  2. haha OK. But I do love the simplicity and brightness of this one, it's like a complete opposite. I've done some cleaning up already - will do some more in the coming days.


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