This years 'I'm going on a holiday' dynamics.

I'm not really going on a holiday - I'm working. It's a camp for my choir(which is the official choir for the University..) and we're learning a whole year's repertoire in five days. The whole thing is gonna be intense but I'm sure I'll have time to tweet(and possibly blog) from the dorm.

iPods are banned and my phone can only hold one gig worth of music(which is like a little speck in my music library) and I won't have internet access to check for new stuff so this is how the blog will work during these five days.

Today and tomorrow I'll whip up maybe 4 or 5 posts(I already have one in the works) and schedule them. They'll be posted and all. If during the camp I find the sudden urge to blog, I'll post with blogger mobile(it came at just the right time!). That's all good and planned out.

My main updates will come via Twitter. If I'm listening to something and I love it, I'll tweet. That's probably what I'll do the most during the trip - 'coz it's fast, quick and I know it'll work with my phone(which is a 5300 - ancient.) so yeah.

Phew. Well at least you get updates from me! If this was last year there was no such thing as blogger or twitter mobile!


  1. yeah! Have fun! I've never been in a camp since like 3-4 years ago. Sad. LOL. At least thank God for mobile blogging right?


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