Ruben Studdard - How You Make Me Feel

Putting aside the fact that the rest of his new album will really make you fall asleep(I'm serious! I could feel my eyes slowly closing while I was listening over to the damn thing...) and I easily got sick of the lead single, there was one track I find quite enjoyable - at times brilliant.

I was three tracks into the album and falling asleep when this came along. The start sounded nice and sweet so I decided to stay at that when I was greeted with a song that actually had groove - comparable to a Craig David song. I didn't have to force myself to tap my foot or fingers, I just did and it's rare that I do that.

It's also got an absolutely gorgeous melody - the melody's straying to the wayside a bit during the chorus but like a lot of songs that I love, the middle 8 is to die for. A gorgeous middle 8, so-so choruses and verses with groove, I think that's a pretty good deal.

The downside is that this is the only song of its kind on the album, the other songs are boring and unentertaining.



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