Why can't all commercials be like this?

A little off-topic but I haven't posted anything in ages and besides, it's a song!

I don't understand why advertisers make these quaint little jingles but only give us like 20 seconds worth. I mean, if all ads were like this I'd actually look forward to watching TV ads. Imagine that - your favorite show takes a break and a bunch of music videos with tons of attractive singers(preferably hot guys in suits.. hahah.) singing these cute, FULL-LENGTH songs that you can get addicted to and all. Heck, if I was in Korea I'd shop at wherever this is!

PS: Since when have I been an ad expert? hahah. As long as Rain gets the most air time and is in the middle at the end - I'll watch it! hahah.


  1. gaaaah! big bang! i'm drooling now...

    nox, i hate to break it to you but TOP is hotter than Rain. hahahaha! :))

  2. HEH. Manahimika ka babae - RAIN IS KING. Walang laban yung mga boybands na yan sa kanya.

    I so know it's you Pauline - and give me your e-mail address para magawa na nating finally yung bwisit the blog na yun. it's here: http://pop-factory.blogspot.com

    Alam mo bang minumura na tayo? Tarayan mo nga sila!


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